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Washington State vs California

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Top 2011 Guys

Erik Johnson, RHP, California

Johnson has a bulldog mentality and challenges hitters. His fastball is hittable when it is straight, though Washington had a hard time in this game. He got better as the game went on throwing 112 pitches over 8 shutout, one-hit innings. He threw a 2 seamer that had arm side run and it looked good but wasn't consistent. I didn't have radar available but I would bet sitting at 90-92 maxing out at 94. He had a no-no thru 4 1/3. His changeup had some armside run and his curveball lacked movement early in the game. It looked like a below average offering but threw a few in the later innings that flashed potential. He is not a dominant guy but he could eat innings and be a back of the rotation guy at his best. He is 6'2, 240 so he has a durable frame. He's a sure fire top 10 round guy and could go as high as the 3rd if someone saw more there.

Taylor Ard, 1B, Washington State

Ard is a strongly built right handed hitting 1B. He hit the ball hard in the 4th inning into the wind. It probably would have been out of the park last season but with the new bats and the wind blowing in, he didn't get enough of it. He did swing and miss and looked bad at the pitch before. He may have a hard time with good off speed pitches. He made a good defensive play in the 3rd and showed some agility but looked stiff and unathletic at other times. He's a 6'2", 225 LB player and he looks like a potential power hitter but he will have to guess right on the pitch to hit it well. He's a 6th to 10th round kind of guy in the 2011 draft

Adam Conley, LHP, Washington State

Conley didn't look great in this game and didn't get any help from anyone behind him. He persevered throwing about 40 pitches in one inning, but he didn't give up. I appreciate that. He was better in my earlier viewing of him. He is a 6'3, 170 LB skinny guy but doesn't look frail. His fastball has some life and he looks like his slider has a little potential and could potentially be an average pitch. Looks like a future reliever but could be a back of the rotation guy if everything breaks right. Someone should pluck him in the 5th - 7th round.

Others of note

Tony Renda, IF, California

He has an unusual swing. He doesn't have a leg kick and just swings the bat. He swings hard and can really put the bat on the ball. He is a 2012 guy, but I like his hitting ability and his hustle. He's a good runner as well. Should be worth a look again next year to see if he's still doing it, I think he will be.

Trace Tam Sing, SS, Washington State

Came in to the game in the 7th inning defensively. He had two aggresive swings to start the AB but missed at both. K'd looking on the 4th offering. Big swing from athletic 6', 180 LB shortstop. Just looking at him, I doubt he will stick at SS, but could be an offensive 2B. He took a tough hop in the 8th and made him look bad. I can't count that against him. He needs to cut down on the swing, but he may have been amped up since he's a freshman facing a pitcher who was rolling. Definately want to see more of him over the next few years. Scouts will be coming back to check him, for sure.

Jason Monda, OF, Washington State

Freshman and 2013 draft guy is really tall and thin but he has a nice easy left handed swing. One to watch over the next couple of years. He needs to hit the weight room and gain some bulk but I like the swing a lot.

Derek Campbell, IF, California

Put the bat on the ball consistently. Looked like another worth watching at the plate over the next couple years. He's a freshman.