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Some Random Notes On a few 2011 Draft Picks

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Mason Hope ,  RHP, Broken Arrow, Okla.

The Oklahoma commit has a prototypical pitchers frame at 6'3" and 180 LBS. He is the teammate of highly touted prospect Archie Bradley, he doesn't have as much velocity as Bradley but he is still a worthy prospect. He has a low 90's fastball and a solid breaking ball. My only concern is that he lands stiffly on his front leg during his delivery.

Kevin Medrano, 2B, Missouri State

Medrano has a unique swing. He has very good contact ability but won't generate power with his swing. He's an average 2B with very good speed.

Ryan Garvey , OF , Palm Desert, Indian Wells, CA

Steve's son. Athletic build with an aggressive hack at the plate. Can hit the ball hard to gaps and with time and gaining strength it will be more. Athletic actions at 1B and in the OF. Solid arm could and athletecism could work at 3B.

Adam Griffin , P , Forsyth Country Day, Clemmons, NC

Has good life on his fastball from a 3/4 delivery. Breaking ball has good movement but it may be better as a slider due to his arm angle. His change has similar movement to his fastball and he has good feel for it. Finishes tall, almost awkwardly.

Johnny  Eierman ,  SS  ,  Warsaw (Warsaw, Mo.)

Long strong swing. Good potential at the plate. Above average speed that plays up. His actions at SS needs some work but he has the arm to stay there.

Andrew Murray , C , Westfield, Westfield, NJ

Short quick powerful swing that almost seems urgent. He swings extraordinarily powerfully. He could have plus power and hit for a high average if all goes well. Acceptable behind the plate.

Adam Walton , MIF , Adlai E. Stevenson Buffalo Grove IL

Good actions at SS. His bat is a little light but his swing is solid. He needs to gain strength to be much of an offensive player.

Brett Harrison , SS , Green Valley, Henderson, NV

Not a fast player but he handles short well with very good actions. He has an average arm that may play better at 2B. He has the quick first step needed to be a good SS. His bat is light, so sticking at SS would help him in the long run.