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Rule 5 Draft Preview

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Joe Paterson was a Rule 5 pick last year by Arizona who lasted the whole year  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Joe Paterson was a Rule 5 pick last year by Arizona who lasted the whole year (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
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We here at MLB Bonus Baby are dedicated to covering the MLB Draft. Usually that means the Rule 4 Amateur draft, but there is a draft going on tomorrow too, so we'll cover that. The Rule 5 draft usually doesn't make much of an impact, especially since the previous CBA (2006) changed the rules of players who are eligible.

To be eligible for the Rule 5 Draft a player cannot be on the team's 40 man roster and was either A): signed at 18 or younger and been in the system for 5 years or B): signed at 19 or older and been in the system for 4 years.

For some further reading check out Baseball America's 2 previews (part 1, part 2 ( both sub Req'd), as well as Vlad at Bucs Dugout fantastic preview.

Below the jump there are some names that have been mentioned as potential picks.

Team Player Position
Giants Justin Fitzgerald RHP
Giants David Quinowski LHP
Padres Matt Clark 1B
Padres Drew Cumberland 2B
Padres Jonathan Galvez 2B
Padres Beamer Weems SS
Dodgers Pedro Baez 3B
Dodgers Gorman Erickson C
Dodgers Kyle Russell OF
Cubs Ryan Flaherty 3B/Util
Cubs Marwin Gonzalez SS
Cubs Dae-Eun Rhee RHP
Cardinals David Kopp RHP
Cardinals Tommy Pham OF
Pirates Andrew Lambo OF
Pirates Brett Lorin RHP
Pirates Diego Moreno RHP
Braves Caleb Brewer RHP
Phillies Tyler Cloyd RHP
Phillies Jiwan James OF
Phillies BJ Rosenberg RHP
Mets Rhiner Cruz RHP
Mets Brad Holt RHP
Nationals Erik Komatsu OF
Nationals Brad Meyers RHP
Nationals Josh Smoker LHP
Mariners Phillippe Valiquette LHP
Mariners Danny Carroll OF
Rangers Johan Yan RHP
Rangers Joe Ortiz LHP
Angels Orangel Arenas RHP
Angels Trevor Reckling LHP
White Sox Jordan Danks LHP
White Sox Terry Doyle RHP
White Sox Andre Rienzo RHP
Indians Rob Bryson RHP
Indians TJ McFarland LHP
Indians Alex Perez RHP
Indians Bryce Stowell RHP
Twins Tom Stuifbergen RHP
Royals Brandon Sisk LHP
Royals Blaine Hardy LHP
Tigers Justin Henry 2B/OF
Yankees Abe Almonte OF
Yankees Pat Venditte SWP
Red Sox Cesar Cabral LHP
Rays Nick Barnese RHP
Rays Marquis Fleming RHP
Rays Braulio Lara LHP