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2011 Baseball Rule 5 Draft Results and Discussion Thread

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Here is a live thread for the 2011 Rule 5 Baseball Draft, which begins at 10 AM EST.

I will have an analysis of each pick and their chances to stick in the majors later today in a seperate article.

UPDATE: the picks are:

1) Houston Astros: Rhiner Cruz, RHP, from Mets

2) Minnesota Twins: Terry Doyle, RHP, from White Sox

3) Seattle Mariners: Lucas Luetge, LHP, from Brewers

4) Baltimore Orioles: Ryan Flaherty, 3B-OF, from Cubs

5) Kansas City Royals: Cesar Cabral, LHP, from Red Sox

6) Chicago Cubs: Lendy Castillo, RHP, from Phillies

8) Pittsburgh Pirates: Gustavo Nunez, SS, from Tigers

21) Atlanta Braves: Robert Fish, LHP, from Angels

22) St. Louis Cardinals: Eric Komatsu, OF, from Nationals

23) Boston Red Sox: Marwin Gonzalez, 3B, from Cubs

25) Arizona Diamondbacks: Brett Lorin, RHP, from Pirates

29) New York Yankees: Brad Meyers, RHP, from Nationals