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Daily Reading 12-20-11

While there isn't a lot of baseball to watch this time of the year, there is a lot you can read about and look forward to the upcoming season and beyond. I don't know if there are a lot of sites you guys visit, but I have quite a few.

What I plan on doing for the rest of the winter and into spring is linking to some of the better stories so instead of scouring the web, you can just look here. I haven't done a lot of site linking here, but I'm going to start. The amount of time I have to write is less than I'd like so this will give you good stuff to read until I can get going again.

College Baseball Daily has their Top 100 Countdown going.#37 is Adam Plutko.

The ACC looks like it will be getting more TV time this Spring.

The Northwoods League is shaking things up as they announce their 2012 Schedule.

With the SEC dominating college baseball, they are expanding their tournament from 8 teams to 10.

An article at Baseball America discusses the chances of an international draft.

With at least 4 Division I players, Harvard-Westlake may have the two best prep pitchers this spring.

The Mariners sign Angel Yente out of the Dominican Prospect League for $225,000.

In other news, some Japanese pitcher was posted and Texas won his rights.