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2011 MLB Draft: Cincinnati Reds Draft Report

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There is a lot of rawness in the class, but I applaud Cincinnati's decision to go for high upside prep prospects. Even near the bottom of the list those who didn't sign (players that I probably would have profiled pre-signing deadline) offered it. If only a couple of them hit, it will be a successful draft.

Pick Player School Pos B/T Ht Wt DOB Class
27 Stephenson, Robert Alhambra HS (CA) RHP R/R 6'02" 190 2/24/1993 HS
Robert Stephenson was one of the more under hyped first round arms, and it certainly wasn't because of his talent. His delivery could be a bit cleaner, but it is repeatable and his arm speed is fantastic, allowing him to produce mid 90s heat during his senior season. With some additional room to add strength, that should be sustainable even as he transitions into the more rigorous demands of pro ball. The change-up and curve ball both lag behind that offering; however, the primary concern is the lack of consistency as both show potential to be above-average in the future. The University of Washington commitment was not much of an obstacle, allowing the Reds to sign him for a reasonable $2M. He will likely get his first taste of pro ball next season in the Midwest League with the Dayton Dragons.
84 Rosa, Gabriel Colegio Hector Urdaneta CF R/R 6'04" 185 7/2/1993 HS
Rosa, a short stop out of Puerto Rico, was selected as a center fielder but used exclusively as a third baseman when he made his professional debut. As an outfielder, he profiles best at a corner spot, so a long look at third base is the most prudent course. Indeed, his tools should play well there: good speed, strong arm, and solid infield actions. Rosa's long, lanky frame generates easy bat speed and leverage that is conducive to significant future power, but his swing contains a rather substantial leg lift that causes timing issues. He signed quickly for $500K and performed relatively well in the GCL. The offensive upside is enticing, making him quite the value pick in the second round.
114 Cingrani, Anthony Rice University LHP L/L 6'04" 200 7/5/1989 SR
Nabbing Cingrani in the third round was not something that caught my attention at draft time. I knew he had excellent arm strength, having seen him throw a few times while watching Rice, but I didn't expect him to be more than a power lefty out of the bullpen. A few months later, this looks like a potential steal. Cingrani signed quickly and went on to dominate the Pioneer League, racking up 80 strikeouts and just 8 walks in 51 innings of work. His fastball remained a plus pitch even over multiple frames while his offspeeds showed signs of improvement. Cingrani still is no lock to remain in the rotation, but the odds are significantly higher than they were in June.
145 McMyne, Kyle Villanova University RHP R/R 5'11" 220 10/18/1989 JR
McMyne's best pitch is his fastball which can get into the mid 90s. His two breaking balls - curve and slider - are less impressive. His lack of size and difficulty commanding his stuff makes him a prime candidate for an eventual move to the bullpen. Indeed, he struggled as a starter in the Pioneer League after signing with the Reds.
175 Wright, Ryan University of Louisville 2B R/R 6'01" 195 12/3/1989 JR
Ryan Wright is the next in the 2011 addition to the series of solid college middle infielders drafted by the Cincinnati Reds. He has seen time all over the diamond during his career at Louisville and profiles best as a second baseman. He has a good approach at the plate and a short, quick swing conducive to hitting for average. His professional debut went well, but his tools are fringy and his ceiling is limited.
205 Buckley, Sean St. Petersburg JC 3B R/R 6'04" 220 9/3/1989 J3
As the son of the Reds Scouting Director, the selection of Sean Buckley should not come as much of a surprise. His loudest tool is good right handed power, and he put it on display during his debut in the Pioneer League, hitting 14 homeruns in 225 ABs. His arm strength fits well at third base, but his range is fringy. A move to a less demanding position may prove necessary.
235 Allen, James Kansas State University RHP R/R 6'01" 197 11/20/1989 JR
James Allen found plenty of success in college as Kansas State's closer. His fastball has average to a tick above velocity and excellent sink, and he pairs it with a quality slider. Allen does a good job locating his pitches and performed very well upon entering pro ball. He could move quickly through the Reds system as a quality middle reliever.
265 Matthews, Jon St. Petersburg JC CF R/R 6'03" 205 4/6/1991 J2
Matthews is an athletic outfielder, lauded for his arm strength and speed. It took only $125K to buy him out of his Charleston Southern commitment, and he put his speed on display once assigned to Cincinnati's AZL squad.
295 Green, Cole University of Texas RHP R/R 6'00" 220 5/4/1989 SR
Green unexpectedly turned down the Tigers's offer of $400K after being selected in the fourth round in 2010 in order to return the University of Texas for his senior season. It was not the triumph that he had hoped for as he suffered through some surprisingly rough outings early in the year, and he again saw his team's playoff aspirations thwarted by the lack of offense. Green is a good college pitcher without great size whose stuff profiles best as a back of the rotation starter. His fastball, change, and slider are solid offerings that play up by way of good command.
325 Pinckard, Ronald Baylor University
RHP L/R 6'01" 190 8/15/1988 JR
Pinckard was one of the more interesting two-way college players in the 2011 draft class. He is quite athletic with plus-plus speed, giving Baylor a good defensive option in center field. At the plate, his bat is fringy which lead to many preferring him out of the bullpen. Pinckard is raw as a pitcher with command and control issues but features good arm strength and sinking action on a fastball that can reach the mid 90s. His only real offspeed pitch is a slider that comes and goes, making his future almost certainly out of the bullpen. He saw time with the Billings Mustangs after signing, and handled the transition well. There's a bit more upside here than the typical 10th round college reliever.
355 Covington, Vaughn Killarney SS (BC) RHP L/R 6'05" 190 11/15/1993 HS
Covington is perhaps the most intriguing arm from north of the border. There is size, present strength, and projection in his frame. His fastball already reaches into the low to mid 90s, and the curve ball features significant depth. Tommy John surgery last September forced him to miss his entire senior season, and the Reds were able to take sign him cheaply as a result. It's a very good gamble at $150K.
385 Serrano, Joe Salpointe Catholic HS (AZ) SS R/R 5'11" 180 7/8/1993 HS
415 Fleece, Nickolas Texas A&M University RHP R/R 6'02" 215 10/24/1988 SR
445 Kemp, Leo St Josephs University RHP R/R 6'04" 210 9/26/1990 JR
475 Dorton, Joseph Lugoff-Elgin HS (SC) RHP R/R 6'03" 180 2/15/1993 HS
505 Costello, Conor Edmond Santa Fe HS (OK) RF R/R 6'03" 180 11/4/1992 HS
535 Phillips, Morgan Frederick Douglas Academy (NY) SS R/R 6'01" 192 12/11/1993 HS
565 Moran, Jim University of South Florida RHP R/R 6'01" 170 6/7/1990 JR
595 Joyce, Christopher Santa Barbara CC LHP L/L 6'00" 195 12/25/1989 J3
625 Jensen, Dan University of Cincinnati RHP R/R 6'08" 225 7/25/1989 SR
655 Gonzalez, Carlos California State University - Northridge RHP R/R 6'01" 195 6/12/1990 JR
685 Garrett, Amir Henderson International School (NV) LHP R/L 6'06" 195 5/3/1992 HS
Best known as a premier college basketball recruit for St. John's, Amir Garrett also dabbled with baseball. When he ramped up his workouts late in the draft season, it created significant buzz. Most of his baseball experience is limited to these workouts and showcases - he is a follower of the Jaeger school of long tossing, a point in his favor for me - but the raw material warranted such a reaction. Extremely athletic with a big frame, he will show mid 90s and the makings of a change up and curve ball. It was assumed that he would be one of the most unsignable players eligible for the MLB draft, leaving us merely with the hope that he would play both sports at St. John's. The Reds took the gamble and signed him to a creative contract in which he would receive a $1M bonus and also be allowed to play college basketball during the winter. Garrett is exceedingly raw but the upside here is immense, and we can only hope that he chooses baseball long term.
715 Romano, Salvatore Southington HS (CT) RHP L/R 6'05" 225 10/12/1993 HS
Sal Romano was a Tennessee recruit who the Reds bought out of college for $450K. He offers a big projectable frame and a fastball that already gets into the 90s. The curve ball is solid and the change is a bit further behind. His delivery will likely need to be cleaned up in pro ball.
745 O'Shea, Nicholas Minnesota 1B R/R 6'03" 220 1/29/1989 SR
775 French, Justice Mercer University RHP R/R 6'04" 215 8/2/1989 SR
805 Perez, Juan College of the Canyons 2B L/R 6'01" 183 11/1/1991 J2
835 Wrenn, Taylor University of Tampa 2B L/R 5'11" 175 12/22/1989 JR
865 Perez, Yordanys OF S/R 6'01" 190 1/8/1984 NS
895 Delgado, Dariel RHP R/R 6'00" 178 8/26/1993 NS
925 Terry, Josef California State University - Fullerton 3B L/R 5'11" 185 12/18/1989 JR
955 Miller, Erik Texas Christian University RHP R/R 6'03" 210 4/9/1990 JR
985 Dennhardt, Michael Boston College RHP R/R 6'01" 205 6/1/1990 JR
Mike Dennhardt's college career did not go the way he had planned. He has struggled with injuries, his control, and the consistency of his stuff throughout his three season at Boston College. The fastball is average and can get a bit straight, the curve ball will show good break at times, and the slider can be hard and late breaking; it is just hardly ever consistent. Along with a short arm action and effort in his delivery, he profiles best out of the bullpen.
1015 Selsky, Steven University of Arizona RF R/R 6'01" 205 7/20/1989 JR
1045 Smith, Bryson University of Florida CF R/R 6'02" 205 12/17/1988 SR
1075 Kimmel, Samuel Indian River State College C L/R 6'00" 185 11/3/1989 J2
1105 Yard, Randy University of Hawaii RHP R/R 6'02" 185 4/20/1989 SR
1135 Suiter, Michael Punahou HS (HI) CF R/R 6'01" 193 4/9/1992 HS
1165 Bowman, Daniel Coastal Carolina University RF R/L 6'00" 210 9/2/1989 JR
1195 Amlung, Justin University of Louisville RHP R/R 6'00" 174 5/21/1990 JR
1225 Travis, Sam Providence Catholic HS (IL) 3B R/R 6'00" 195 8/27/1993 HS
1255 Baranik, Carson Parkway HS (LA) RHP R/R 6'03" 205 11/6/1992 HS
1285 Stallings, Jacob University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill C R/R 6'05" 190 12/22/1989 JR
1315 Washington, Ty Plano East Sr HS (TX) SS R/R 5'09" 160 9/1/1993 HS
1345 Carson, Shon Lake City HS (SC) CF R/R 5'09" 190 9/5/1991 HS
Carson created some buzz during the showcase circuit preceding his senior season as an undersized athletic outfielder with good bat speed. He also came with a football scholarship to South Carolina, and signability was always a question mark. He is raw as a baseball player, and playing college football won't do much to help in that regard.
1375 Radke, Travis Oaks Christian HS (CA) LHP L/L 6'04" 200 3/6/1993 HS
1405 Brizuela, Jose Archbishop McCarthy HS (FL) 3B L/R 6'00" 180 8/31/1992 HS
1435 Pellant, Jon Chandler Gilbert CC 2B L/R 5'10" 170 7/13/1990 J2
1465 Webb, Jon University of South Carolina LHP R/R 6'06" 210 7/20/1990 SO
1495 Alessio, Eric Marist College RHP R/R 6'02" 210 9/28/1988 5S
1524 Robichaux, Austin Notre Dame HS (LA) RHP R/R 6'05" 170 11/23/1992 HS


Jeff Reese is a member of Bullpen Banter. He can be reached at or via twitter. An index of his College Baseball Notes series can be accessed here.