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You're the GM! Baltimore Orioles Edition

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You woke up this morning and discovered that you have been named General Manager of the Baltimore Orioles.

So, how do you turn this franchise around? What would you do if you were Dan Duquette? There really is no valid reason for this organization to not be competitive even in the American League East. It should be one of the crown jewels of major league baseball. There is a lot of history here and while you don't have as much cash to burn as the Yankees or Red Sox, you are not poor and financial resources aren't a genuine excuse.

Ownership interference is obviously a factor, but let's say that part of the deal is that you will have a relatively free hand. There is no call to drastically cut payroll (although you can if you want to), and you can make needed investments with the farm system.

Are you going to make wholesale trades and completely start over, or is there enough already on the roster to build on? What is your strategy for the farm system? Will you pour resources into the draft, or will you make a strong focus in Latin America and overseas? Will you focus on college players, high school players, or a mixture of the two?