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2011 MLB Draft Values By Team

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Based on the study I did earlier this year, I assigned values to each player signed in the top 10 rounds as well as players after the 10th round that were overslot signings. I assigned 5th round values for players over $250,000 and 10th round values to those $100,000-$249,999. I broke the players down into 6 levels: All-time great, superstar, all-star, regular, part timer and bench warmer. I assigned $25 million, $10 million, $5 million, $2 million, $1 million and $0.4 million respectively to each percentage value. This gave me a value of each teams draft. Values are in millions.

Tampa Bay Rays $29.55
Boston Red Sox $21.27
Minnesota Twins $19.91
Washington Nationals $17.74
St. Louis Cardinals $16.26
Los Angeles Dodgers $14.78
Los Angeles Angels $13.99
San Francisco Giants $13.78
Atlanta Braves $13.67
Cleveland Indians $12.93
Toronto Blue Jays $11.97
Baltimore Orioles $11.83
Pittsburgh Pirates $11.65
Chicago Cubs $11.25
Philadelphia Phillies $10.98
New York Yankees $10.69
Arizona Diamondbacks $10.55
Cincinnati Reds $10.24
San Diego Padres $10.03
Detroit Tigers $10.03
Colorado Rockies $9.94
Kansas City Royals $9.78
Milwaukee Brewers $9.78
New York Mets $9.61
Seattle Mariners $9.25
Houston Astros $8.55
Texas Rangers $8.29
Oakland Athletics $8.15
Chicago White Sox $7.72
Florida Marlins $5.66