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Early National Signing Period

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National Signing day just passed and some of the best players that will be eligible for the draft this June officially committed to schools. A complete rundown can be found here but here are a few of the highlights.

Arizona State did well across the diamond with Clint Coulter behind the plate, Mitch Nay at 1B and Kieran Lovegrove, Willie Ethington and Paul Blackburn on the mound. Ryan Burr could be the best arm they signed.

Auburn will be getting outfilders Addison Russell and Dave Dahl as well as Rock Rucker.

Clemson signed a trio of top arms in Lucas Sims, Clate Schmidt and Matt Crownover.

Then Florida cleaned up a huge chunk of talent. Lance McCullers, Lewis Brinson, Jesse Winker, Tucker Simpson, Richie Martin, and Taylor Gushue. That is a ridiculous crop of talent.

Georgia signed Byron Buxton and Duane Underwood. LSU got Jesmuel Valentin, Joey Gallo, Alex Bregman, and Chris Chinea. This is one of my favorite groups.

Not to be outdone by Florida, at least not totally, Miami signed Keon Barnum, Carlos Correa, Albert Almora, David Thompson, Adrian Marin, Walker Weickel and Nick Travieso.

Mississippi will get three of my favorites in Stryker Trahan, Gavin Cecchini and Ty Hensley.

North Carolina locked up Kayden Porter, Taylore Cherry and Matt Smoral. Skye Bolt will also run down fly balls in center.

UCLA also has a huge class with Nick Williams in CF, Ty Moore along side and the full rotation of Lucas Giolito, Max Fried, Hunter Virant, Cody Poteet and Felipe Perez. That could be a top MLB rotation in a few years considering the skill of these guys.

Vanderbilt never misses out and should get a few to campus. This year they got Carson Fulmer, Xavier Turner, Rhett Wisemand and Nathan Kirby.