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16U USA Team Player Notes

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There was a question at Minor League Ball about who the best players on the 16U team were. It's a long way off from pro ball but here are a few notes on the guys I've seen or heard about:

William Abreu - big lefty hitting OF, don't like the swing right now but could hit for power as a corner OF.
Trevor Clifton - low 90's RHP
Joe DeMers- heard good things for a couple years already.

Jake Jarvis- future 3B with plus arm. Could be a RHP. Hitting mechanics improved from 2010 to 2011
Austin Meadows - heard good things, haven't seen him
Arden Pabst- his left hand will be sore this year. Catching two potential top 10 picks in 2012 draft.
Carson Sands - big projectable lefty. I like what I see.
Jordan Sheffield - big armed RHP, could get to upper 90's
Keegan Thompson -  solid RHP, low 90's
Matt Vogel - a lot better on the mound than at SS. Low 90's velo

From what I know, the top hitter is likely Meadows or Jarvis, best lefty is Sands and Righty is Sheffield. Very early and very limited views and reports.