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Two-Sport Athletes' Decision Could Be Getting Tougher

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Every year there are a handful of players that are top recruits in baseball as well as another sport. The decision has to be made at draft time whether or not they are going to choose baseball, football or basketball depending on the recruit. Or if you are Tom Glavine, hockey.

It can be a life changing decision and often millions of dollars are on the line. Bubba Starling had to make this choice this year and instead of heading to Nebraska to helm the offense for the football team, he signed with his hometown Kansas City Royals after they chose him with the 5th overall choice this June. His deal is worth $7.5 million dollars guaranteed. If he had chose football, he would have had to play 3 or 4 years in Nebraska before getting a shot at potentially more money in football. Amir Garrett decided to sign with the Reds after being a top 100 basketball recruit for St. John's, but is now a pitcher for the Reds and has a $1 million signing bonus instead of a basketball scholarship without a pro league to play in, stateside, at the moment.

With this recent collective bargaining agreement, the NFL has scaled back rookie salaries, though they have made more of the money guaranteed. With this move, it may give players like Jameis Winston or other top recruits a valid reason to steer clear of the gridiron and still make the money that is requisite of their talents. The NFL now will be locking players into contracts that last until players are in their late 20's and many will be past their primes, especially running backs. 

Baseball is easier on the body than football, though the rigors of a long season take it's own toll. I think I would rather make my money in baseball than football and still have quality of life in the end. With the NFL scaling back rookie contracts, the NBA lockout with no certainty of return and MLB Draft bonuses as high as they have ever been, it looks like now is the best time that I can recall to choose baseball if you are a premier athlete.

It will be interesting to see what the top talents will do now that the NFL is paying veteran talent instead of the rookies and younger players. What effect do you think it will have?