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2012 Draft Sleeper: Christopher Leduc

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My goal here isn't to rehash what every other website is saying. I don't go watch these players like scouts do. I would if I had the time, but like you, I don't have the means to do that. The great thing in this day and age is technology. I want to find players you may not know about. Technology allows me to see a lot of players in a short period of time browsing across a few sites. I have to make snap judgments and can't see a lot of a single player, but occasionally I find someone I haven't heard much about that I like. Here is one:

Christopher Leduc, OF, East Palatka, Florida (link to Perfect Game with Vid links)

He has speed that is well above average as well as an arm that is well above average. He looks choppy in the outfield but he is lanky and maybe still growing into coordination. He has time on his side there and repetition can correct that. He has a very fast bat and a short swing that looks like it could generate average to plus power. You are looking at a player that would grade out in the upper 50's and that is a solid prospect but I haven't heard anything about him. Maybe he will be a pop up guy this spring, but you heard his name here first, I hope.