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In case you missed it, Rany Jazayerli wrote two very interesting articles for Baseball Prospectus (Part one, Part two) about the draft and the ages of players. He comes to the conclusion that

This is, all modesty aside, quite possibly the most impressive and significant finding of my career. When it comes to the drafting of high school hitters, even slight differences in age matter. At least when it comes to high school hitters, young draft picks are a MASSIVE market inefficiency.

I don't have much to say on his findings, except that it does make some intuitive sense. But Rany on his personal blog, about the Royals makes an interesting statement

It will be certainly interesting to follow Starling and Lindor going forward, and I’m certainly hoping for a replay of the Moustakas/Vitters dynamic. But at this very moment, if I could choose to have one of the two players, I’d take Lindor. Which is a strange thing to say given that we’ve barely seen either one on the field yet. But I think my findings are that significant

i recommend you read all 3 links before answering this following question: knowing what you know*, which player would you rather your favorite team have.

*Some information from Kevin Goldstein's recent chat

Kevin (NJ): Which player in instructs did you get the most surprising (in a good way) report(s) on from scouts?

Kevin Goldstein: Reports on Francisco Lindor bordered on insane.