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Sorry for the lack of posts everyone. I just started a new job on Monday and it is going to be the most challenging job I have ever had. I haven't had any free time of late and I won't have as much as I used to, considering I was a student. 

It is slow with draft news, but there are still high school tournaments happening and fall practices for college. I'm also working on a couple other things but I'm not sure what the best way to present the information is once I'm done with it. It's more statistical though and I don't know how interested you guys are in that but it ties into the draft analysis I did warlier this year.

I have done a ton of research on minor leaguers over the last 3 years and post most of that at my other blog. It is all statistically based but some of the results may surprise you considering that. If you'd like to read my top prospect lists from this year, they are here. Feel free to rip me :)