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Kansas City Royals Organization Discussion

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I am now working on the Top 20 list and player comments for the Atlanta Braves. The next team on the list is the Kansas City Royals. After that will come the Milwaukee Brewers, the Philadelphia Phillies, the Detroit Tigers, and the St. Louis Cardinals.

Use this thread to discuss the Kansas City Royals organization....sleepers you like, etc.  One possible theme for discussion: a year ago this was the strongest farm system in baseball. Is that still true? Several players graduated to the majors, but you also had significant attrition among the strong-looking pitching corps, with John Lamb getting hurt, Danny Duffy having some transition issues, and spotty seasons from Mike Montgomery and Chris Dwyer.  Wil Myers had a disappointing season. Another theme to consider: how soon will the Royals reach the .500 mark?