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It's TIME, happy readers! We are now accepting orders for The Baseball Prospect Book 2012! ORDER!!!!



This year the book will ship, as usual, at the end of January.

IF the post office still ships on Saturday, it will go out Saturday JANUARY 28, 2012. ORDER!!!!

IF the post office does NOT ship on Saturday, it will go out Monday, JANUARY 30, 2012. ORDER!!!!

There is a HUGE new change this year... you can find out what that is, after the JUMP!

NEW THIS YEAR!!!!    We have decided to join the modern world:

For the first time, order the ELECTRONIC BASEBALL PROSPECT BOOK, available Saturday JANUARY 28, 2011!

There will be more information as we draw closer to the release date. For now, just order, and order often.

At this time we have no plans to offer a discount for both purchased by the same person. 

Thanks in advance. We are excited about this year's book, and hope you are, too.