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I am now reviewing the grades for all 1143 players in the book. I will use this thread to post important grade changes. I'm not going to worry about guys going back and forth between C and C+ unless they are particularly interesting, but anyone in the Bs or higher, i will mention here.

if you want to whine about any grades you think are wrong by more than a half-step, this is the place to do it. I am not trying to please the crowd, but my goal is to get the grades right and listening to other people's opinions is part of that process. We are under the gun as far as time to edit goes, so while I will listen, I'm not going to engage in long arguments.

Jose Altuve      C upgraded to C+
Oswaldo Arcia    B lowered to B-
Dan Duffy   A- lowered to B+.
Aaron Hicks    B+ lowered to B.
Casey Kelly   B+ lowered to B.

Jaff Decker   B+ lowered to B
Nolan Arenado   B+ lowered to B
J.P. Arencibia   B to B-
Mike Olt    B to B-
Craig Kimbel   B  to   B+
Jeremy Jeffress   B  to B+
Robbie Erlin    B+  to  B
Simon Castro    B+  to B
Hang Conger   B-  to B

There will be more to come tomorrow as I generate the Top 50/50 lists.