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Draft Prospect to Watch: Brandon Nimmo

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Brandon Nimmo is a sweet swinging left handed OF out of Cheyenne, Wyoming. His school doesn't have high school baseball so he doesn't have a lot of experience but he doesn't show it. Even without a team, he still made it to the Under Armour All American game at Wrigley Field, in which he won the co-MVP. He has a confident approach at the plate and puts up good results. He also held his own at the Tournament of Stars representing Legion ball, where he gets his only exposure.

At the plate, he has a nice swing that allows him to catch up to top prep talent, even without the experience most have. In the field, he has a solid average arm that should allow him to play either corner OF spot. He won't be able to stick in CF, though he could potentially play there for a little while yet.

He is an average runner but could gain a little speed as he gains strength and coordination. He's currently 6'1" and about 185 LBS. As he gains strength, he could add power. His swing will gain consistency with reps and he could have a very high ceiling. He is committed to Arkansas if he doesn't sign out of the draft. I expect him to be drafted in the top 3 rounds, with the potential to be a 1st round pick.

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