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International Signing: Rougned Odor

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The Rangers announced the signing of Odor for $425,000 a couple days ago. Rougned is 16 years old Venezuelan and is 5'10", 165 LBS currently.  He has a beautiful left handed swing that doesn't generate a lot of power right now, but it is so smooth that projecting him to hit for power doesn't take a huge leap. I expect him to hit 10-15 HR's and more if he adds size and strength.

If he grows more, he may have to move off SS as his actions are only average. He has enough arm to play there though. If he can stay at SS, he could be very valuable. I see his ceiling between Orlando Cabrera and Robby Cano. I really like this signing by the Rangers. 

If you'd like to see a video, head over to the MLBBB facebook page