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Draft Prospect to Watch: Joshua Bell

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The other Josh Bell is a switch hitting OF from Jesuit High School in Dallas, Texas. He is a 6'3", 205 LB wiry strong athlete. He has a strong build that should allow him to add 20-40 LBS as he gets older and stronger.

As a hitter, he has a ton of talent. He has a tall, open stance with his hands next to his head prior to the pitch. He keeps his hands high prior to his swing and it gives him an uppercut swing. He has a short, quick powerful swing. He can speed up his swing to hit inside pitches but also gets good extension as well. As he adds weight and strength he should add to his currently above average raw power.

He has an above average arm from the outfield and projects to be a RF down the line. He has solid range but not enough to play CF long term, though he can handle it currently. His arm is accurate and should be an above average defender. Bell doesn't have great speed but is currently average and he will slow down as he gets bigger.

Bell is commited to Texas and that could come into play if he isn't drafted in the first few rounds. If he has a solid spring, I am sure Bell will be a 1st rounder in the 2011 MLB Draft.

Head over to theMLBBB Facebok page to watch a video of the toolsy Prep OF.