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2010 Sleeper Alert Review, Part Three

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Finishing up the Sleeper Alert Review for 2010.


Matt Nevarez, RHP, Houston Astros: 3.76 ERA, 41/46 K/BB in 38 innings in Double-A. Good K/IP rate but walks are frightening and he was lucky to keep his ERA that low.

David Newmann, LHP, Tampa Bay Rays: Got off to a good start in Double-A but wilted as the summer progressed, finished at 4.50, 80/45 K/BB in 114 innings. Gets grounders, usually throws strikes, I still think he has a shot but it was a disappointing season.

Juan Nicasio, RHP, Colorado Rockies: 3.91 ERA, 171/31 K/BB in 177 innings in High-A. Good reviews from scouts, love the K/BB ratio.

Hector Noesi, RHP, New York Yankees: Breakout season, 3.20 ERA with 153/28 K/BB in 160 innings at three levels, finishing in Triple-A.

Blake Parker, RHP, Chicago Cubs: 4.21 ERA with 67/34 K/BB in 66 innings between Double-A and Triple-A. Kind of a blah season, had control problems in Triple-A, still some chance he can help in relief.

Alexander Perez, RHP, Cleveland Indians: Blew out elbow.

Carlos Perez, C, Toronto Blue Jays: .298/.396/.438 in the New York-Penn League. I like him...both bat and glove rate strongly.

David Phelps, RHP, New York Yankees: 2.50 ERA with 141/36 K/BB in 159 innings between Double-A and Triple-A. Hard to complain about that.

Carlos Pimentel, RHP, Texas Rangers: 4.96 ERA with 97/56 K/BB in 123 innings in High-A. Not a great year, although park/league worked against him.

Carlos Ramirez, C, Los Angles Angels: Hit .226/.337/.381 in Low-A. Destroyed lefty pitching (.346/.433/.667) but couldn't hit right-handers. Got off to a slow start, but hit better in second half (.287/.373/.496) so there is still some hope here. Played well with the glove.

Jose Ramirez, RHP, New York Yankees: 3.60 ERA with 105/42 K/BB in 115 innings in Low-A. Good season.

Wilking Rodriguez, RHP, Tampa Bay Rays: 4.23 ERA with 93/28 K/BB in 106 innings in Low-A. Not great for the Midwest League, but long-term potential is still here.

Rusty Ryal, INF, Arizona Diamondbacks:  Hit .261/.308/.348 in 207 major league at-bats. BB/K ratio was awful at 8/67. He held a utility job but without improvements it won't last.

Eduardo Sanchez, RHP, St. Louis Cardinals: 2.38 ERA with 58/20 K/BB in 53 innings in Double-A/Triple-A, 14 saves. Good solid season, can help in pen.

Juan Silva, OF, Cincinnati Reds: Hit .230/.322/.371 in rookie ball. No progress.

Jonathan Singleton, 1B, Philadelphia Phillies: Breakout, hit .290/.393/.479 in Low-A, earning accolades from scouts.

Andrew Taylor, LHP, Los Angeles Angels: great in High-A (2.06 ERA, 39/14 K/BB in 35 innings) but weaker in Double-A (4.70, 21/18 K/BB in 38 innings). Still has some relief potential.

Ashur Tolliver, LHP, Baltimore Orioles: 5.77 ERA with 29/16 K/BB in 39 innings in NY-P. Missed most of season with a sore shoulder.

Matt Way, LHP, Philadelphia Phillies: 3.90 ERA with 85/30 K/BB in 92 innings between Low-A and High-A. Season ended in mid-July.

Allen Webster, RHP, Los Angeles Dodgers: A very good year, 2.88 ERA with a 114/53 K/BB in 131 innings in Low-A. Moving up the charts.