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Los Angeles Angels Draft Report

The Angels had one of the better drafts this season and that isn't counting anyone from day two. They had a ton of high picks this season and used them to get several high upside athletes along with several pitchers who could be really good.

 The Draft:

Kaleb Cowart, 3B, 1st Round
I have to put Cowart first considering his $2.3 million dollar signing bonus but I'm not sold on him as a 3B. He is very athletic and if he focuses on being an everyday player he may be quite good but I wasn't impressed by his actions at 3B or his swing in game situations. His swing right handed is better and he hits well in BP but his contact is pretty weak left handed. He has a ton of potential and could be a star if it all comes together.

Ryan Bolden, OF, 1st Round

I like Bolden more than I should. He is raw and the failure rate on a raw toolsy guy like Bolden is high but I still have a really good feeling about him. He has excellent bat speed and has good strength so the power could come. He can fly on the base paths. He may not be at the top of the scale, but he is well above average. He doesn't have a great arm so he is likely a LF or CF. He is raw, so Angels fans, give him at least 3 years before you judge him too harshly.

Cam Bedrosian, P, 1st Round

Bedrosian is the opposite of Bolden. He is a polished RHP coming from great bloodlines. His father was Cy Young winner Steve Bedrosian. He has average command already and he could be above average in time. His fastball is a plus pitch that sits 94 and can reach 96. He has a great slider and two potential average pitches in his curveball and changeup. He could be a back of the pen guy with a great fastball and a knockout slider or he could develop an average changeup and have 3 pitches and could be a starter. Time will tell.

Chevy Clarke, OF, 1st Round

Clarke is another raw toolsy outfielder. He has good bat speed from both sides but I don't love him at the plate. He hasn't shown a lot of consistency at the high school level and didn't do great in his pro debut. His ceiling is a that of a Kenny Lofton-like player. He has great speed and a rocket arm so he could be an above average CF in time. His swing makes me think he could really be a great player but he will need time and he is a high risk, high reward guy.

Taylor Lindsey, SS, 1st Round

I was a bit surprised at this pick. There is next to no chance that Lindsey will be a SS as a pro. He will likely have to move to 2B or LF. He isn't fast enough for CF and doesn't have the arm for RF or 3B. His bat is average. It is a smooth swing but doesn't have a ton of power. He looks like a fringy LF to me and looked like a 4th or 5th round talent to me.

Daniel Tillman, P, 2nd Round

Tillman is a slinger with a strong arm. He can run it up to 96 and routinely sits at 94 with movement. His slider can be a plus pitch but needs to be tightened up a little. His command likely won't be great but it's possible that he could be a closer. He will be a set up man at worst.

Wendell Soto, SS, 3rd Round

Soto has really smooth actions at SS. His arm is below average for SS but he could be a great defensive 2B. He isn't a strong guy and will need to hit the weight room to hit for any power. He is fast, an above average runner and a switch hitter. He is adept on the bases and could be a good utility man and if everything comes together, he could surprise and be an above average SS. 

Donn Roach, P, 3rd Round

Roach is erratic and doesn't have a long track record of success but he showed up when it mattered. A lot of scouts saw him frequently while checking out Bryce Harper. His mid 90's fastball and solid curveball should allow him to have a lot of success at lower levels and projects as a reliever. He should make it to the majors within 2 or 3 years if he's going to make it.

A few others to watch:

Drew Heid, OF, 9th Round

He could be a good hitting 4th OF that could be an average defender and a good bat off the bench.

Justin LaTempa, RHP

LaTempa has a huge arm and can throw in the upper 90's and he has a really hard slider. He is a bullpen arm and could move quickly, even if his mechanics are a little rough.

Best Unsigned Player from the Draft:

Josh Osich, LHP

Osich had TJ surgery about a year ago but has an electric arm. He has a lot of potential as he was routinely in the upper 90's and if he regains that, he could be a potential 1st rounder.

Jesus Valdez, RHP

Valdez is a long lanky pitcher with an awkward delivery. He sits in the 89-91 range with movement. He will need to make some changes but could gain a few MPH's with strength and refinement. He will have 3 years to improve at Arizona.

International Signings:

Luis Jolly, OF, D.R.

Jolly is 6'2" and about 180 LBS. He is a very fast runner and could potentially stick in CF as long as he doesn't grow too much more. His bat is not that impressive at this point. He has time to come around though and the $150,000 investment is a worthy one.