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Trade Reactions, Part Three


The Rangers picked up Jorge Cantu from the Marlins for minor leaguers Evan Reed and Omar Poveda. Cantu is no star but his power and versatility are useful, and he's a nice pickup for Texas in exchange for a couple of Grade C/C+ pitching arms. Reed looks like he could be a useful middle reliever eventually, but we have to see how well Poveda comes back from Tommy John. I have no problem with this trade from the perspective of either team.

The Padres picked up Miguel Tejada from the Orioles for Wynn Pelzer. I know the Padres were looking for some veteran offensive help, but Tejada looks like he's aging pretty rapidly to me, and I've liked Pelzer for a while. He has to get his command back in gear and has been erratic in Double-A, but he's got plus stuff and I still like him intuitively. I think this is a nice pickup by Baltimore, and I don't think I would have done this if I was San Diego.

The Twins traded Wilson Ramos and Joe Testa to the Nationals for Matt Capps. Capps reinforces the Twins bullpen for the stretch run. Testa isn't a prospect, but Ramos definitely is. I have some misgivings about his bat due to his sketchy plate discipline, but his glove has really come around and his power potential remains impressive. I like him, but not enough to pan the trade from Minnesota's point of view; I think it is fair for both teams. In my Shadow Twins universe, I will make this trade.

More to come.