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Robbie Aviles Draft Notebook Profile

With the discussion question earlier, I think it's appropriate to see what I had to say about Aviles before the draft. A week before the draft, I released profiles and rankings on my top 100, and because news of Aviles' injury came out in-between my top 100 release and the draft, he was right in there at #57 overall.

As such, the profile reflects his healthy scouting report, and I tacked on an update when I released the full Draft Notebook the night before the draft.

Follow the jump to see Aviles' profile in the 2010 MLB Draft Notebook to see who we're talking about in the discussion question.

Robbie Aviles   Position: RHP   School: Suffern HS   State: NY   Height: 6’4’’   Weight: 180

Birth Date: 12/17/91   Seiler Rating: 1B1   Commitment: Florida

Robbie Aviles is a tall right-handed pitcher from Suffern, New York, which actually has some personal meaning to me, as my wife lived in Suffern up until we got married. It’s essentially a sleepy town that qualifies as a New York City suburb. Aviles himself is an athletic guy with some room for projection, and his arm also comes with less mileage as a cold-weather star. His fastball is currently a 90-92 mph pitch, and there’s some speculation he could be at 92-94 before all is said and done, peaking at 96. He’s one of those unusual prep pitchers who also has an above-average changeup, and some even rate it as a true future plus pitch. It’s a low-80s offering that looks nearly identical to his fastball coming out of his hand, then gets good depth and fade late. His high-70s curveball rates as an average to above-average future pitch, giving him a true above-average Major League pitch mix. Aviles has a ceiling as a number two starter in the Majors, and his Florida commitment shouldn’t be an obstacle in the top two rounds. He might slip in at the end of the first round, and I don’t see any scenario where he falls out of the second, as his projection is up there with almost anyone in this class, and he has a good idea how to pitch, too. UPDATE: Aviles has partially torn a ligament in his elbow, and he will fall accordingly. Expect him to drop to the tenth to fifteenth round range, where a flier becomes appropriate.