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Discussion Question: Drafting Injured Players

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The Robbie Aviles signing that popped up last night changes my approach to the Indians' draft review, so I've had to re-work it a bit.

The main reason is that I see this signing as a huge bargain. However, I know that there are more experienced baseball minds that disagree with me and see investing draft picks and bonus money on injured players as too risky.

So let's open this up for discussion. Aviles will be undergoing Tommy John surgery, and the team is investing a total of about $350,000 on his contract money alone. In addition, there are medical expenses and the normal minor league salary, all of which could add up to well more than $50,000 alone in this calendar year.

Is the Indians' $400,000 invested in Aviles too risky? What's your view on drafting and signing injured players?