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2.52 Pittsburgh Pirates - Stetson Allie

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The Pirates selected Stetson Allie with their second round pick.

Follow the jump for his report.

Stetson Allie   Position: RHP/3B   School: St. Edward HS   State: OH   Height: 6’4’’   Weight: 225

Bats: R   Throws: R   Birth Date: 3/13/91   Seiler Rating: 1A1   Commitment: North Carolina

Stetson Allie is probably one of the more well-known players in this draft class, and he profiles as a true first round arm but without first round control. What makes it interesting is that Allie can put a charge into a ball with his bat, too. On the mound, he features a plus-plus fastball that routinely sits in the mid-90s and has touched triple digits a few times. It’s truly a special pitch, and even though it isn’t known for any amount of movement, it’s still unhittable to the vast majority of hitters he’s ever faced. Combined with a plus high-80s to low-90s slider, Allie can simply be unhittable at times. He has not had much use for a changeup yet, and there’s no rush for it either because he can develop as a closer in a fairly short amount of time. His command is never even going to be average, but his delivery is fluid and easy, and there aren’t a lot of concerns for injury. At the plate, he features plus raw power, but he has a much higher bust rate there. He’s a below-average runner, and his fielding is currently rated as fringe-average. I expect Allie to be taken in the middle of the first round by a team looking for the kind of raw arm that can impact a game in the ninth inning, though he could fall into the supplemental first round. Starting is likely not in his future, though a few teams believe it is. His North Carolina commitment may cost $2 million or more, as he’ll be a draft-eligible sophomore in 2012 if he follows up on his commitment.