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Best Undrafted Seniors

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The draft is done, so here's a list of the best undrafted seniors available:


Chris Squires, RHP, Indiana (FLA, 37th Round)
Ryan Jones, OF, Wichita State
Adam Heisler, OF, South Alabama
Mike Murray, C, Wake Forest
Ryan Enos, OF, Dallas Baptist
Devon Dageford, OF, Louisiana Tech
Eric Decker, OF, Minnesota (Football)
T.J. Forrest, RHP, Arkansas
Nick Ebert, 1B, South Carolina
Aaron Dunsmore, OF, Dayton
Jordan Whatcott, RHP, Utah
Frank Corolla, RHP, Lubbock Christian
Garret Carruth, RHP, Texas State


I also could have missed them getting drafted, so let me know if they got off the board in a sneaky way that I didn't see it.