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Quick Review - Atlanta Braves

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Time for a quick review of team #2, the Atlanta Braves.

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1s. Matt Lipka, SS, McKinney HS (TX), Rating 1B1: Like this pick a lot. Big athleticism and upside, was a two-sport player, so bonus may be spread over as many as five years if they so choose. Might have to move to center field, but still a great pick in that slot. Read his full profile here.
2. Todd Cunningham, OF, Jacksonville State, Rating 1C3: Another very good pick right out of the gate today. Potential starting center fielder with good bat and history with wood on the Cape. Looked like a supplemental or second round talent, so this is good value, and he should sign quickly.
2. Andrelton Simmons, RHP, Connors State JC (OK), Rating 1C1: Was a little surprising that he was taken as an arm, as he's only thrown about a dozen innings with year. Big potential, but very, very raw, and even the Braves will have trouble getting him to throw his 93-95 mph fastball over the plate for quality strikes. Thought he was a 2nd-4th round talent, so solid pick.
3. Joe Leonard, 3B, Pittsburgh, Rating 1C2: Was squarely in my top 100, and I like his potential with the bat and glove. Really profiles as starting third baseman at Major League level due to above-average hit tool, above-average range and plus arm. Saw him as 2nd-3rd round pick, so great value.
4. Dave Filak, RHP, SUNY Oneonta, Rating 1B1: Big-time arm could have as much of an impact as Lipka. Was 94-96 at the beginning of the year, but tweaked his elbow and missed a couple starts. Stuff was down to 90-92 after return, then 92-94 late. Plus-plus curveball, but still raw in most facets of pitching. Could be #2 starter and saw him as a 2nd-3rd round arm, making this pick outstanding.
5. Phil Gosselin, 2B, Virginia, Rating 2C3: Like this pick too, and it's because it's rather safe and valuable in this range. New to second base and also played left field, above-average hitter, works the count. Excellent baserunner. Thought he was 4th-6th round name, and should be quickly signable.
6. Joey Terdoslavich, 3B, Long Beach State, Rating 3C1: Sophomore-eligible due to transferring between D-1 schools from Miami to LBS. From powerhouse Sarasota High in Florida originally, has plus power, but likely will move to first. Thought he was 7th-12th round name, but with bigger upside. Should sign, but is sophomore.
7. Matt Suschak, RHP, Toledo, Rating 2C2: First year full-time in the bullpen, but Toledo tried him as a starter late, and he struggled. Setup man potential in bullpen, though, with plus fastball and above-average slider. Thought he was 4th-7th round name, so good value.
8. Kurt Fleming, OF, St. Christopher's HS (VA), Not Rated: Missed on this one, but he was drafted a lot earlier than expected due to bloodlines. His dad is the Braves' East Coast Crosschecker, and I thought all along this kid was headed to his school, which is West Point. Will have a profile on him.
9. David Rohm, 1B, Fresno CC (CA), Rating 3D5: Actually is third baseman now, so they're saying he's moving. Kid got screwed over by Fresno State, as they dumped him when he hurt his arm last year, and he transferred to Fresno CC. Potential four corners bench bat, but not enough bat to really rate as starter at first. Thought 5th-8th round range, so solid pick.
10. Matt Lewis, RHP, UC Davis, Rating 3C1: Potential setup man has history of arm troubles, specifically shoulder problems. Has gone undrafted four times up to today, first out of high school, then Shasta JC (CA), then Davis last spring as sophomore-eligible. Above-average fastball and slider in bullpen now. Should be easy sign.
11. Chasen Shreve, LHP, CC of Southern Nevada, Rating 3D5: Brother of Colby Shreve missed most of this season with tendinitis in his elbow. Potential #5 starter has solid-average fastball, above-average changeup. Projected for 7th-12th round range, so solid pick.
12. Barrett Kleinknecht, SS, Francis Marion, Not Rated
13. Brandon Drury, SS, Grants Pass HS (OR), Not Rated
14. Richie Tate, RHP, Marked Tree HS (AR), Not Rated:
Likely to do profile on him.
15. Corey Brownsten, C, Pittsburgh, Not Rated
16. Dan Winnie, RHP, Lackawanna JC (PA), Not Rated
17. Stefan Sabol, C, Aliso Niguel HS (CA), Rating 2C1:
Likely not signable in this area, as he was a potential first round pick early in the spring. Has strong Oregon commitment, but his catching days are likely to  be over the day he signs a pro contract. big upside with the bat, but likely center fielder due to plus athleticism.
18. Zach Alvord, 2B, South Forsyth HS (GA), Rating 2C2: Big-time power bat for a middle infielder, but like Sabol is probably unsignable in this area. Has Auburn commitment and would be third generation to go to Auburn, so you might as well kiss him, his power, and his arm goodbye.
19. Tyler Hess, RHP, Sonoma State, Not Rated
20. Jason Mowry, OF, St. Petersburg JC (FL), Not Rated
21. William Beckwith, 1B, Wallace CC (AL), Not Rated
22. Jordan Buckley, OF, New Mexico JC, Rating 3B1:
Huge tools, but maybe not signable. Former wide receiver at Blinn JC (TX), transferred in this year. Extremely high risk and reward. All tools are average or well above that. Expected him to go in 6th-10th round range, but fell for some reason.
23. Evan Gattis, C, Texas-Permian Basin, Not Rated
24. Evan Danieli, RHP, Notre Dame, Grade 4C1:
Recovering from Tommy John surgery, former top prep arm from New Jersey. Hasn't really been healthy in years, but big upside if he gets there. Thought he'd go in the 10th-15 round range to a team who'd follow his rehab, but he fell a little further. Concept remains the same.
25. Dan Jurik, RHP, St. John Fisher, Not Rated
26. Jonathan Burns, RHP, St. Edward's, Not Rated
27. Willie Kempf, RHP, Baylor, Not Rated
28. Kyle Mertins, RHP, Cal State Fullerton, Not Rated
29. Reid Roper, SS, Harrisburg HS (IL), Not Rated
30. Kenny Fleming, OF, Shelton State, Not Rated


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