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Quick Review - Arizona Diamondbacks

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The draft isn't done yet, but 99.9% of the signable talent with Major League futures is off the board, so I'm going to be doing quick reviews of the 30 teams with Seiler Ratings and such.

Quick review for what the Seiler Rating is can be found here.

First up is Arizona. Follow the jump for more:

1. Barret Loux, RHP, Texas A&M, Rating 1C3: Wasn't a fan because of the talent they left on the board, but still a solid arm with upside. Injury history, but was stretched out through the season. Read his full Draft Notebook profile here.
2. J.R. Bradley, RHP, Nitro HS (WV), Rating 1C2: Bradley was new to the high-level prospect scene this year, and he was formerly known more as a shortstop. Tall, projectable, was expected to go in rounds 2-5, potential #3 starter. Like it.
3. Robby Rowland, RHP, Cloverdale HS (CA), Rating 1C1: Was in my top 100, and I like the projectability at 6'6''. Potential #3 starter, throws 4 pitches in addition to 88-90, t. 92 fastball. Lot of projection here, but they got good value for someone supposed to go in rounds 2-3.
4. Kevin Munson, RHP, James Madison, Rating 1C4: Love this pick. Great value. Three years as a closer, above-average fastball with great movement, plus slider, probably future setup man, not closer. Rounds 2-4 for his range.
5. Cody Wheeler, LHP, Coastal Carolina, Rating 2D7: Not a whole lot of upside here, as he profiles only as potential #5 starter. Possible 4th-6th round arm, so good value, should sign quickly for slot.
6. Blake Perry, RHP, Pendleton School/IMG Academy (FL), Not Rated: Was on the short cut list from the Draft Notebook, but will do a profile on him. Very tall, projectable, wasn't top prospect on his team entering the spring (Casey Mulholland). Will likely need more than slot, but is signable and heavily based on projection.
7. Jeff Shields, RHP, Chattahoochee Valley JC (AL), Rating 3C1: Best Juco arm in Alabama, like this pick. Originally attended high school near Atlanta, potential number four starter, 6th-10th round range, good value, Georgia commit, but signable.
8. Tyler Green, RHP, Brazoswood HS (TX), Rating 2C1: This is a pick that might get away for signability reasons, but if they get him signed, this is great value. Power arm, supposed to go in 3rd-6th, potential number three starter, but smaller frame. Big-time arm strength, TCU commit.
9. Zach Walters, SS, San Diego, Not Rated: Late cut from Draft Notebook, because I thought he'd fall far enough to return for senior year. Will do profile. Good shortstop, not many tools beyond his glove, so profiles as utility player. Don't like and don't hate this pick. Just average.
10. Kawika Emsley-Pai, C, Lewis-Clark State, Rating 4D5: Part of large-scale run on potential backup catchers. Former Texas catcher, transferred for playing time, big history of back issues. Saw 12th-16th round pick, but tools are better, especially defense.
11. Michael Freeman, SS, Clemson, Not Rated: Don't like this pick, but he profiles as backup anyway, and this isn't a high pick. Just average.
12. Blake Cooper, RHP, South Carolina, Rating 4D7: South Carolina's Friday starter profiles as middle reliever in pro ball due to small size and stuff. Thought 8th-15th round range, and this is squarely in it. Good chance of succeeding due to control/command.
13. Kevin Ziomek, LHP, Amherst Regional HS (MA), Rating 2C1: Another pick with signability issues, has Vanderbilt commitment, will be very tough sign, especially this low. Potential #3 starter, needs mechanical work, four average or above pitches, looked like 4th-7th rounder.
14. Ty Linton, OF, Charlotte Christian HS (NC), Rating 1B1: Potential all star with signability issues is football recruit that played linebacker in high school and is headed to UNC. Plus power, plus speed, probably plus corner outfielder, 55/60 arm. Now I have your attention.
15. Mike Bolsinger, RHP, Arkansas, Rating 3D6: Good value here and like this pick. Potential number five starter or swing man, looked like 7th-12th round arm, should sign quickly (22 yr. old senior).
16. Westley Moss, OF, Nevada, Rating 4D6: Another senior and solid pick. Perfect fifth outfielder pick, has plus-plus speed, plus center field ability. Just don't let him hit. Had him in 8th-15th round range.
17. Derek Eitel, RHP, Rose-Hulman, Not Rated: Just missed the cut, but thought he was further down anyway. Jumped higher due to being senior sign. Likely organizational arm.
18. Jimmy Comerota, 1B, Rice, Not Rated: Not near the cut line, so thought of as organizational player. Should be solid minor league hitter.
19. Adam Eaton, OF, Miami (OH), Rating 3C1: If they sign him, this is a coup. Was hurt last summer, so less on him this spring, but plus runner, above-average defender, interesting bat. Outside shot at starting on a few teams, but best as 4th outfielder with enough pop to be dangerous. Saw him as 7th-10th rounder, might not sign.
20. Michael Hur, OF, UC Riverside, Not Rated: Move along.
21. Raoul Torrez, 2B, Arizona State, Not Rated
22. Jeremy Erben, RHP, Oklahoma, Not Rated
23. Roberto Padilla, LHP, Ohlone JC (CA), Rating 3C2:
Excellent pick, but there must be signability issues here. Potential #4 starter, great changeup with average or better everything else. Thought of him as 7th-12th round arm, but San Jose State commitment might get in way of signing here.
24. Stephen Cardullo, 3B, Florida State, Not Rated
25. Matt Talley, LHP, The Citadel, Not Rated
26. Yazy Arbello, 1B, Keystone College, Not Rated
27. Niko Gallego, SS, UCLA, Not Rated
28. Keith Hessler, LHP, Coastal Carolina, Not Rated
29. Chris Floethe, RHP, Cal State Fullerton, Rating 3C1:
Recovering from Tommy John surgery after transferring to Fullerton from Fresno State. Potential #4 starter when healthy, though. Average fastball with plus breaking ball, but injury history also includes shoulder issues. Thought 7th-10th, but great summer follow, will be healthy enough to throw before signing deadline. Find that information anywhere else. I dare you.
30. Ryan Zimmerman, RHP, Northwestern State, Not Rated


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