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Purchase the 2010 MLB Draft Notebook

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Just so you know, there's still time to purchase the 2010 MLB Draft Notebook in time for today's picks and after. There is no cutoff date for purchasing. Just go to the left-hand column of the main page, scroll down to the PayPal Buy Now button, click on it and follow through with the instructions. No PayPal account is needed. Just a credit card or checking account if you want to do it that way, though it takes a few days to clear.

You'll receive a PDF in your e-mail inbox with scouting reports on 755 players and stats on my personal Top 100, as well as team-by-team draft previews. This Notebook will be a valuable tool in particular today, as the well-known players are mostly gone, and it's time to get down to the meat of this draft class.

Just as an example of what you'll be receiving, check out all the profiles I posted of last night's top 50 picks. Those are all directly from the Draft Notebook.

Remember when the MLB Network analysts were scrambling for information on Hayden Simpson and Cito Culver? I had their profiles copied and pasted and posted in less than 60 seconds from their pick because of my Draft Notebook. You can have that type of information at your fingertips that quickly, too, and it's only $9.99 with quick delivery to your inbox.

If you're unsure, ask some questions in the comments, and I'll answer them for you, and hopefully some other buyers can share what they think of it, too.