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1s.50 St. Louis Cardinals - Tyrell Jenkins, RHP, Henderson HS (TX)

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The Cardinals selected Tyrell Jenkins. Here's his profile:


Tyrell Jenkins   Position: RHP   School: Henderson HS   State: TX   Height: 6’4’’   Weight: 180

Birth Date: 7/20/92   Seiler Rating: 1B1   Commitment: Baylor

Tyrell Jenkins is a athletic, projectable right-handed pitcher from Henderson High School in Henderson, Texas, an East Texas town about 70 miles southeast of Shreveport, Louisiana. Jenkins has drawn the attention of scouts this spring with an incredibly projectable and athletic frame, along with excellent stuff on the mound. Though he wasn’t a complete unknown coming in, he wasn’t on the list with the top-tier high school pitchers entering the spring, though an argument can be made now that he’s almost equal to such pitchers as A.J. Cole, Karsten Whitson, and Dylan Covey. However, his secondary stuff is a little short to really put him in the same category as those players, but with a projectable frame and a chance to flourish once he focuses on baseball, he could be a number two starter with time. His fastball is already an above-average pitch, and it has a chance to be plus. It sits 91-93, touching 95, and he throws that velocity with ease. His athleticism stems from the fact that he plays both football and basketball in addition to baseball, and his college scholarship is actually a football scholarship. This all means that he’s likely to really take off once he’s a full-time pitcher, and that 91-93 range might jump to 94-96. His secondary stuff lags behind, though, and only his curveball projects as above-average. His slider is a future average pitch, as is his changeup, but with four pitches, he’s handling a lot more than a lot of prep arms. With his upside and athleticism, he could go in the bottom third of the first round, and he shouldn’t get too far down into the second round. His signability is a bit of question, as his football commitment complicates things, but he should be signable in the early rounds for more than slot money.