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1.29 Los Angeles Angels - Cameron Bedrosian, RHP, East Coweta HS (GA)

The Angels selected Cameron Bedrosian. Here's his profile:


Cameron Bedrosian   Position: RHP   School: East Coweta HS   State: GA   Height: 6’1’’   Weight: 195

Birth Date: 10/2/91   Seiler Rating: 1B2   Commitment: LSU

I’m sure you all know the Bedrosian name by now. Cameron is the son of ML pitcher Steve Bedrosian, and while Cameron doesn’t have the biggest frame, he has the pure arm strength of a first rounder. The Bedrosian family settled in the rural town of Senoia, a far southern suburb of Atlanta that's gradually being taken into the greater Atlanta metro area, and he plays for East Coweta, a school in Sharpsburg. While Cameron has earned much of his hype in message board circles due to his name, the scouting ranks have reason to believe Cam can be as special as his dad. He features a low-90s fastball that peaks out at 95, and he’s flashed a very good set of pitches to complement his above-average fastball. He throws a high-70s to low-80s curve with good shape which projects as a future plus pitch and a traditional changeup in the high-70s that could be an average pitch. In addition, he has thrown an intriguing above-average splitter in the past that was fairly well-commanded, but recently he laid down that pitch due to the potential wear on his arm. Bedrosian has first or second round talent, and while he has a LSU scholarship, I fully expect him to sign if he’s picked in the top two rounds, which should definitely be the case.