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1.14 Milwaukee Brewers - Dylan Covey, RHP, Maranatha HS (CA)

The Brewers have selected Dylan Covey. Here's his profile:


Dylan Covey   Position: RHP   School: Marantha HS   State: CA   Height: 6’2’’   Weight: 195

Birth Date: 8/14/91   Seiler Rating: 1B1   Commitment: San Diego

Dylan Covey is a solidly-built right-handed power pitcher from Maranatha High School in Sierra Made, California, which is just outside Pasadena, home to the Rose Bowl. Covey features one of the most polished arsenals at the high school level in this draft, and he should be an early draft pick. Featuring a low- to mid-90s fastball, he also has some of the best fastball command around. He generally works in the 92-94 range, and he’s touched as high as 97, but he works better in that range, where he can get more movement and better command. It’s a plus pitch by any standard, and that’s just the start. His breaking ball, a true power curveball, is also a plus pitch. It has been at its best in the low-80s, generally between 80 and 82, but it was reached 85 to become a powerful secondary weapon with his plus fastball. Unlike a lot of top prep pitchers, he does have extensive experience with a changeup, and it could be an average pitch with some work. It’s generally a low- to mid-80s offering, usually 82-84, and it provides a solid 10 mph difference from his fastball. It’s just a show-me pitch at this point, but that’s all it needs to be if he keeps commanding a pair of plus pitches. He’s a solid first-round prospect, and even though his ceiling is likely the tenth pick to the A’s, his polished arsenal makes him an attractive candidate for teams looking for a little less risk in a prep arm. He should be signable in the first round with ease.