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Review Your 2010 MLB Draft Notebook

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As I said in the comments below, I hit multiple technical glitches today in putting together the pieces of the Draft Notebook, so I had to break it up into Player Profiles and Team Draft Previews, and the only players with stats are the ones that were in the Top 100. These glitches should all be fixed by tomorrow afternoon, but I thought it fair to give you a heads up if you're thinking of buying.

As for those of you that bought it and received it, either let me know you did indeed receive it and what you think of it when you get a chance to go through some of it.

Just for reference, the profiles alone were 431 pages and 237,483 words.

That means I'm tired, so I'm going to take a break for a few hours and re-start on getting the team previews up to speed and the stats started.

Thanks again for bearing with me over the past week as I've been finishing this up. Your purchasing turnout has been amazing, so I thank you for the support. Pass along the word if you enjoy your Draft Notebook, as I think it will be a great reference well beyond Wednesday evening.