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Draft Notebook Note

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Just a note for purchasers of the 2010 MLB Draft Notebook. You will be receiving your Draft Notebook tonight, and the only caveat is that it won't have the formatting changes I discussed in the comments of the Top 100 discussion. Simply don't have the time if you want it tonight.

The Notebook you'll receive tonight will have the draft previews for teams, as well as the profiles for 755 players. The reason it's 755 is that I'll be sending out profiles on 20 "Names Worth Watching" in a separate file on Monday night. They're 20 names that are likely late-round or undrafted prospects but need serious mention as possible top guys in a few years. None will go in the first day, so that's why it will be Monday night.

After the Notebook is sent out tonight, I'll be starting to feverishly work on the next update, as I'm going to give you a free gift as a thanks for buying. That will be a re-formatted Notebook with all 775 profiles included and sorted by drafting team and round. Those players that go undrafted (which should be about 100 by my estimation, about 95 of which will be high school players going to big schools) will be sorted by their college commitment. I'll also send out a new update in August when all the signings are in, once again sorting for team signings and college commitments for those who don't sign. This is all free of charge as an addition to what you're getting tonight.

So thank you for buying and I look forward to ramping it up on draft day tomorrow.