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Community Mock Draft Commentary: AL East

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Community Mock Draft Commentary:  AL East

1) Manny Machado, SS, Brito Private HS, Miami
3) Kevin Chapman, LHP, University of Florida
COMMENT: It is hard to make an impact with just two picks, but I can see the Orioles doing something like this, balancing a high school shortstop who needs time to develop with a polished college pitcher who should move quickly.

1) Matt Harvey, RHP, University of North Carolina
1S) James Paxton, LHP, Grand Prairie
1S) Zach Lee, RHP, McKinney HS, Texas
2) Leon Landry, OF, Louisiana State University
3) Gauntlett Eldemire, OF, University of Ohio
COMMENT: Harvey seems like a logical choice to me, if he falls that far. Paxton, Landry, and the toolsy Eldemire are all reasonable selections. The wild card here is Zach Lee, who could be completely unsignable. The Red Sox would have to go way over slot to get him, but they've done in before in previous drafts.  It's possible that no amount of money could buy Lee out of college.

1) Tyrell Jenkins, RHP, Henderson HS, Texas
2) Dan Klein, RHP, UCLA
3) Kyle Blair, RHP, University of San Diego
COMMENT: Despite their reputation, the Yankees are often conservative, especially after the first round. Jenkins is one of my favorite high school pitchers and seems a logical fit. Klein and Blair both have the polished college pitcher resume that the Yankees often go for. I think Blair is underrated personally and could be a bargain in the third round.

1) Austin Wilson, OF, Harvard Westlake HS, North Hollywood, California
1) Chad Bettis, RHP, Texas Tech
1S) Reggie Golden, OF, Wetumpka HS, Alabama
2) Chevez Clarke, OF, Marietta HS, Georgia
2) Joe Leonard, 3B, University of Pittsburgh
3) Justin Grimm, RHP, University of Georgia
COMMENT: The Rays usually go for athletic upside, and Wilson has that in droves. He may be unsignable away from Stanford, but the pick is protected and it could be a risk worth taking. Golden and Clarke are also very toolsy outfielders that fit the Rays mold, and both would be more affordable. If Wilson doesn't sign, you'd still be bringing tools into the system. Bettis and Leonard both bring some polished/affordable talent, while Grimm is rather raw for a college arm but might thrive in the Rays organization.

1) Chris Sale, LHP, Florida Gulf Coast University
1S) Barret Loux, RHP, Texas A&M
1S) Yordy Cabrera, SS, Lakeland HS, Florida
1S) Kellin Deglan, C, RE Mountain HS, Langley, British Columbia
2) Gerrin Cecchini, 3B, Barbe HS, Lake Charles, Louisiana
2) Hunter Morris, 1B, Auburn
2) Rob Segedin, 3B, Tulane
3) Robby Rowland, RHP, Cloverdale HS, Santa Rosa, California
3S) Jake Skole, OF, Blessed Trinity HS, Woodstock, Georgia
COMMENT: I think this is excellent use of multiple picks. Although it seems unlikely at first blush for Chris Sale to fall to Toronto, there is enough flux at the top of the draft that it isn't impossible. Subsequent picks mix high-ceiling high schoolers  Cabrera, Deglan, Cecchini, Rowland, and Skole, with more polished collegians Loux, Morris, and Segedin. There  is very good balance here, and this would be an excellent draft if the Jays could afford to sign all these guys.