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Community Mock Draft Commentary: NL East

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Community Mock Draft Commentary: National League East

1S) Seth Blair, RHP, Arizona State University
2) Drew Vettleson, OF-P, Central Kitsap HS, Tracyton, Washington
2) Derek Dietrich, SS, Georgia Tech
3) Sam Dyson, RHP, University of South Carolina
COMMENT: The Braves scored with Mike Minor last year, and taking another college arm seems plausible. I think Blair is actually a bit underrated by some people and could be a steal in the supplemental round. Vettleson has a highly promising bat, while Dietrich and Dyson are college players from the Southeast, fitting well with Atlanta's general desire to get talent from that part of the country. Dietrich is a good choice in the second round. Dyson's injury history is frightening, but in the third round it could be a decent risk.

1) A.J. Cole, RHP, Oviedo HS, Winter Springs, Florida
2) Dom Ficociello, 3B, Fullerton Union HS, California
3) Gabe Encinas, RHP, St. Paul HS, Santa Fe Springs, California
COMMENT: Cole is too perfect a fit for the Marlins to pass up: a home state high schooler with outstanding projection. He won't be cheap, but I would hope he'd sign for first round money. Ficociello has enormous raw power but is still developing physically; he does seem like a possible Marlins draft. Gabe Encinas throws strikes with decent stuff but has some remaining projection. He might be a signability risk, but overall this draft fits the Marlins pattern.

1) Drew Pomeranz, LHP, University of Mississippi
3) Kris Bryant, 3B, Bonanza HS, Las Vegas
COMMENT: Hard to make a huge splash with just two picks, but the unexpected drafting of Castellanos by the Indians plopped Pomeranz into the Mets' lap. If that happened in real life, they would be ecstatic. Bryant has the raw power to entice scouts, but he's raw enough to slip to the third round in real life. With no second round pick, the money saved could go to keeping him away from college at San Diego.

1) Cam Bedrosian, RHP, East Coweta HS, Senoia, Georgia
2) Kendrick Perkins, OF, LaPorta HS, Texas
3) Eddie Rosario, OF, Rafael Lopez Ladron HS, Puerto Rico
COMMENT:  Bedrosian could go anywhere from this spot to the second round, but I like him and don't think this is horribly out of place. The Phillies director disappeared after this, so I drafted uber-toolsy Perkins to fit the regular Phillies pattern. Rosario is a personal favorite: his bat is quite polished for a high school guy, although he might not be as toolsy as the Phillies prefer, I thought he was a guy that deserved some attention.

1) Bryce Harper, C, College of Southern Nevada
2) Addison Reed, RHP, San Diego State University
3) Zach Cates, RHP, Northeast Texas Junior College
COMMENT: I drafted for the Nationals. Harper is the no-brain first pick. I called him as a catcher, but I agree with Scott Boras that he should play outfield as a pro. In the second round I went with a safe, polished, affordable college arm in Addison Reed. Partly that is due to the money it would take to sign Harper, but I do like Reed and think he could move quickly. Cates is one of the best JC arms out there and I couldn't pass him up in the third. Hopefully he would sign for slot money or a tad higher.