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Maybe the Ball is Rolling...

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After commenting on Chris Sale's signing a couple days ago, it seems the ball is rolling now, as Christian Colon agreed today to a $2.8 million bonus with the Royals.

For reference, that's $300,000 more than #4 overall pick Tony Sanchez got from the Pirates a year ago.

I'm really wondering if we're now going to see some more signings coming soon. The names I'm looking to sign within the next couple of weeks include Barret Loux, Michael Choice, Dylan Covey, Christian Yelich, Seth Blair once his season is done, and Chance Ruffin.

My reaction to the Colon signing itself is that it's good for both sides, as it frees up negotiating time for the other Royal picks, and it also gives Colon fair money for that slot. I could see the Royals tying down Brett Eibner and Mike Antonio very soon, and I assume Kevin Chapman will be signing almost right away, as the Gators' season just ended.

The biggest deadline signings I could see for the Royals includes pretty much the trio of Jason Adam, Jon Gray, and Brian Fletcher, and if that's the case, I could easily see the Royals signing each of their first 22-23 picks. They didn't take any real hard signs that wouldn't sign even for the right check.

Maybe I'm misreading this, but this signing could be the first domino in a wider effect, both at the league-wide level and at the Kansas City level.

Just trying to give some hope to Royal fans that are watching Stephen Strasburg carve up their lineup without his best command.