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Draft Review - New York Yankees

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The fifth up in a series of draft reviews is the New York Yankees and their scouting director Damon Oppenheimer.

Follow the jump for a pick-by-pick analysis. The number before a pick is the round in which the player was drafted, and the overall pick number is denoted, as well.

1. Cito Culver, SS, Irondequoit HS (NY), #32 Overall, 6'0''/185, Seiler Rating 2C1: Culver was the second-most surprising first round pick to me, following the Cubs' pick of Hayden Simpson. With a broad range of tools, this isn't necessarily a bad pick, but I don't see the high ceiling that the Yankees do, as he doesn't have elite speed, much power projection, or a huge arm, so he's going to have to hit and hit well to be an impact player in the Major Leagues. He did sign pretty quickly for slot money, so there's no complaint about that. DOB: 8/26/92. Signing bonus: $954,000.
2. Angelo Gumbs, OF, Torrance HS (CA), #82 Overall, 6'0''/175, Seiler Rating 2C1: I thought this would be Gumbs' draft ceiling, as his rawness is as much as anyone in this class. However, all of his tools are average or better, and he has the raw tools to be a good hitter and defender in center field. He was a shortstop in high school, though, so there's going to be adjustments. He doesn't turn 18 until October, so there's a lot of time and room to grow, but I thought this was an odd pick after picking someone as raw as Culver before him. He hasn't signed yet, and he might push it until August. DOB: 10/13/92. Commitment: USC.
3. Rob Segedin, 3B, Tulane, #112 Overall, 6'3''/220, Seiler Rating 1C2: Segedin was a sophomore-eligible due to missing most of 2009 with back and throwing shoulder problems, but a huge 2010 put him squarely in my personal Top 100 leading up to the draft. His best tools are his bat, which is above-average, and his arm, which is plus, but his range at third is fringy and he has average power. I like his size and maturity, so this is a solid pick, though he also might push it to August due to his sophomore-eligible status. DOB: 11/10/88.
4. Mason Williams, OF, West Orange HS (FL), #145 Overall, 6'0''/150, Seiler Rating 1C2: Contrary to Gumbs, I thought this was Williams' draft floor, and this is an excellent find for them here. There were a lot of scouts that thought Williams would be a good shortstop, but after drafting a pair of shortstops in Culver and Gumbs, it looks like Williams will stick in center field, where he can show above-average range, plus-plus speed, and an above-average bat to be a potential starting center fielder in the end. Since he fell this far, he's going to be a tougher sign, and I fully expect this one to go down to the wire. DOB: 821/91. Commitment: South Carolina.
5. Tommy Kahnle, RHP, Lynn, #175 Overall, 6'1''/220, Seiler Rating 3C2: Kahnle is originally from New York, though he was drafted out of Lynn University in Florida as a draft-eligible sophomore. He started this spring, but he projects more as a one-pitch setup man, as he can flash a plus-plus fastball that touched 99 last summer on the Cape. His slider is only fringe-average, and his changeup is only average, so starting is probably not his best long-term job. This is a decent pick, though like Segedin, he could get more bonus money if he waited a bit. DOB: 8/7/89.
6. Gabe Encinas, RHP, St. Paul HS (CA), #205 Overall, 63''/195, Seiler Rating 2C2: Encinas went through a mechanical re-work over the course of his high school career, raising his arm slot, which ended up making all three of his pitches much better. With a potential plus fastball, above-average curveball, and above-average changeup, he could be a nice #3 starter, and he got some of the best late movement on his fastball in the entire prep class. This was a good pick for talent and value, and while he might wait until close to the deadline to sign, his bonus amount isn't going to be huge. DOB: 12/21/91. Commitment: Loyola Marymount.
7. Jake Anderson, OF, Woodlawn HS (LA), #235 Overall, 6'0''/170, Seiler Rating 4C1: This is a few rounds earlier than I thought Anderson could go, as he's a pretty raw pick. He profiles to be an above-average hitter with average power, and he's a good athlete. However, he might outgrow center field, and he doesn't have the high-ceiling projection that a lot of the earlier Yankee picks have. I got a chance to see Anderson play in a wood bat tournament a couple weeks ago, and I can see that he's going to need a long development path in order to learn how to hit with wood. He only has a junior college commitment, so he'll be signing, though he might try to string it out for more money. DOB: 12/3/91. Commitment: Meridian CC (MS).
8. Kyle Roller, 1B, East Carolina, #265 Overall, 6'1''/235, Seiler Rating 4D6: Roller was a late-round pick of the A's last June, but he didn't sign after going on an absolute tear last summer on the Cape. That tear convinced a few scouts that he might have enough talent to start at the Major League level, but his spring dampened those expectations, as his only average or better tool is above-average raw power. That makes him a potential bench bat at the Major League level, and he signed for senior money. That signability makes this an average pick, but no more. DOB: 3/27/88. Signing bonus: $45,000.
9. Taylor Morton, RHP, Bartlett HS (TN), #295 Overall, 6'3''/194, Seiler Rating 2C2: Morton was a two-way prospect in high school, as the majority of his playing time was at catcher. However, he was a much better prospect on the mound, featuring an above-average fastball (91-93, 95), above-average curveball, and a solid-average changeup and slider. Those four pitches make him a potential #3 starter, but he's so new to full-time pitching that he's going to have to adjust to the minor league pitching schedule. He's probably signable, but I suspect his bonus will be well over the ceiling amount for post-fifth round picks. DOB: 12/18/91. Commitment: Tennessee.
10. Ben Gamel, OF, Bishop Kenny HS (FL), #325 Overall, 5'10''/156, Seiler Rating 2C2: Brother of Mat Gamel, this Gamel has a lower ceiling, but he's also a different type of player than his brother. He's an above-average hitter and won't strike out nearly as much, but he has much less power. He has average speed, an average arm, and average range, so he looks like a potential corner outfielder, and most scouts thought he'd slide enough to get to school. However, it looks like he's in a signable range here, though his bonus amount might be pretty high if he does sign. Decent pick depending on the end bill. DOB: 5/17/92. Commitment: Florida State.
11. Zach Varce, RHP, Portland, #355 Overall, 6'0''/195, Seiler Rating 3C1: Varce was a starter this spring at Portland, but almost all scouts that saw him predicted he'd be in the bullpen in the long run, though his stuff was good enough to be a setup man. He threw a solid-average fastball and above-average curveball, and there's some reason to think he should be able to throw a little harder in the bullpen. This was in the range I thought he would go, so this is a solid pick, as he signed right away. DOB: 12/14/88. Signing bonus: Unknown.
12. Daniel Burawa, RHP, St. John's, #385 Overall, 6'3''/190, Seiler Rating 2C2: I like this pick more than the Varce pick, though Burawa is still very raw and hasn't pitched a lot in school. However, his above-average fastball and average slider means he could be an 8th inning arm. With a projectable frame, I could see him blossoming once he's pitch more, but he's a little riskier than an average college bullpen pick. I expect him to sign at some point, but he might hold out for a little more until next month. Solid pick, though. DOB: 12/30/88.
13. Tyler Austin, C, Heritage HS (GA), #415 Overall, 6'2''/200, Seiler Rating 3B1: This is another prep high-ceiling pick, and if he signs, this could be my favorite Yankee pick in this draft. A testicular cancer survivor already, Austin has great tools, including plus-plus power, a plus arm, and average speed, though he's really raw behind the plate, having mainly played third base and pitched in high school. In theory, he could be an excellent catcher and has all star potential, but he's so raw that he's years away, and there's a good chance he doesn't sign. DOB: 9/6/91. Commitment: Kennesaw State.
14. Travis Dean, RHP, Newton South HS (MA), #445 Overall, 6'5''/175, Not Rated: Dean was on my preliminary Draft Notebook list over the winter, but he was quickly removed following the fact that he wasn't going to pitch this spring following transfer and elbow problems. He has a potential above-average fastball and changeup, so he could be a #4 starter, but there's a long way to go. He'd be draft-eligible again in two years if he goes to school, but I'd bet he signs. DOB: 5/3/91. Commitment: Kennesaw State.
15. Chase Whitley, RHP, Troy, #475 Overall, 6'4''/220, Seiler Rating 4D4: Whitley was another two-way player that the Yankees drafted, though Whitley was more of a position player than a pitcher in college. With an average fastball, fringe-average curveball, and above-average changeup, he looks like a middle reliever at best, but he has pro size and might be able to become something. He already signed, so this is a decent pick, but there's not a lot of upside here. DOB: 6/14/89. Signing bonus: Unknown.
16. Evan Rutckyj, LHP, St. Joseph's HS (ON), #505 Overall, 6'5''/213, Seiler Rating 2C1: I thought Rutckyj would go ten rounds higher due to his projectability, but he fell this far for an unknown reason, as he was considered signable without a current college commitment. With a potential above-average fastball and above-average slider, he could be a #3 starter once he matures, though he's raw and will need a lot of work. He's on the verge of making a major college commitment, so his signability isn't exactly easy in this range, so I'm 50/50 on whether he'll sign. DOB: 1/31/92. Commitment: None.
17. Preston Claiborne, RHP, Tulane, #535 Overall, 6'2''/215, Not Rated: Claiborne was a big-bodied senior arm that didn't really feature much current or future stuff. He looked most like an organizational arm to me, and this is the beginning of that range of picks. He was picked pretty much equally high four years ago, but he never really developed in college, so this is where he landed. He signed right away as a senior sign, so there's not much upside here, either. DOB: 1/21/88. Signing bonus: Unknown.
18. Kevin Jacob, RHP, Georgia Tech, #565 Overall, 6'6''/225, Seiler Rating 3B1: Jacob entered the spring as the top college reliever due to touching 99 last summer in the Alaska League, but after signing with the Boras Corporation and sitting out most of the spring due to a shoulder problem, he fell way down draft boards. However, with a plus-plus fastball and above-average slider, he could be a closer in the long-term. I expect he'll either return to school or pitch in an independent league, but there's an outside shot he signs for the right money. DOB: 3/26/89.
19. Kevin Jordan, OF, Northside HS (GA), #595 Overall, 6'0''/192, Seiler Rating 3C1: Jordan is yet another Georgia-based prospect that was high on boards entering the spring, but fell way down after injury. Jordan's injury was actually a sickness that caused him to miss time, and he came back late in the spring as a weaker version of his old self. With plus power and speed projection, he could be an impact hitter, but there's a lot of room to grow, as he was fairly new to the prospect scene late last summer. I don't think he'll sign, but it's possible. DOB: 11/14/91. Commitment: Wake Forest.
20. Mike Ferraro, OF, San Diego, #625 Overall, 6'2''/200, Not Rated: Ferraro was a productive senior, but I still thought he profiled better as a late-round pick than a true prospect pick. This mid-round pick doesn't stand out as below-average, though, as he was productive and has above-average speed, though I still think he's an organizational piece more than potential fifth outfield. He signed quickly, so I think we'll know the truth in short order. DOB: 5/31/88. Signing bonus: Unknown.
21. Dustin Hobbs, RHP, Yavapai JC (AZ), #655 Overall, 6'2''/200, Not Rated: Like Ferraro, Hobbs essentially got drafted based on his production. An average-sized right-handed pitcher without much projection and with a fringe-average fastball, he got by with an above-average changeup, which could help him become a middle reliever in the long run. However, with a commitment to start at Utah, he's more likely to head to school, as I'm sure he could move up ten rounds next year. DOB: 8/18/89. Commitment: Utah.
22. Trevor Johnson, LHP, JC of the Desert (CA), #685 Overall, 6'3''/190. Not Rated: A junior college freshman, Johnson was actually a couple years older than most freshmen, putting him on an equal plane with junior college sophomores in terms of signability. With fringy stuff and very little experience in pitching, I see him as a potential middle reliever or a bust. He's already signed, but it may be a couple years before we know the true success of this pick. DOB: 7/29/88. Signing bonus: Unknown.
23. Shane Brown, C, Central Florida, #715 Overall, 5'11''/197, Seiler Rating 3C1: Brown hasn't caught full-time since high school, and his last meaningful streak of games at catcher was 3 years ago at UCF. The Yankees spent a late-round flier on him last year, and they decided he was a good pick here, too. I agree with them, as he was productive and has an above-average hit tool, but not much else, though his arm is above-average, too. I see him more as a corner outfield bat, but they want him to catch for now, as he's already signed. DOB: 1/11/88. Signing bonus: Unknown.
24. Connor Mullee, RHP, St. Peter's, #745 Overall, 6'3''/185, Seiler Rating 4D3: Mullee was a shortstop for most of his career, but he really began to be noticed during his senior year due to his pitching in middle relief. He wasn't good in limited time there, but with an average fastball and fringy slider, a few scouts thought he could be a middle relief arm. This is a decent senior sign, and with some projectability, he could turn out to be a decent find. DOB: 2/25/88. Signing bonus: Unknown.
25. Casey Stevenson, 2B, UC Irvine, #775 Overall, 6'3''/200, Not Rated: Stevenson was a big senior bat that has the size of a third baseman, but has played second base for some time. He had a decent spring, but this is an organizational pick, as he's only an average runner and doesn't have any other real Major League tools. He signed right away, so he should be a decent low minors player, but it doesn't look like he'll really tap into his pro body's strength. DOB: 5/18/88. Signing bonus: Unknown.
26. R.J. Hively, RHP, Santa Ana JC (CA), #805 Overall, 6'2''/205, Not Rated: Hively is one of the better Yankee picks in this range, as he profiles as a setup man with both his stuff and deception. He originally attended Cal State Fullerton, which is why he's already 21, but with a solid-average fastball and above-average slider, he could be a nice bullpen arm if they can sign him away from Ole Miss. They have a real shot at signing him, as he won't have much leverage as a 22 year old junior next year, but if he's determined to pitch in the SEC, they could lose him. DOB: 11/27/88. Commitment: Ole Miss.
27. Martin Viramontes, RHP, Loyola Marymount, #835 Overall, 6'5''/190, Seiler Rating 2C1: Viramontes was a draft-eligible sophomore due to missing a large chunk of time in 2009 due to shoulder issues, and he wasn't always effective this spring. With a plus fastball and a pair of average offspeed pitches, he looks like a #3 starter in the future, but he fell this far due to signability issues as a sophomore Boras Corp client. He's pitching on the Cape right now, and if he pitches very well, he could be a nice find for a significant over slot bonus. DOB: 7/12/89.
28. Josh Dezse, RHP, Olentangy Liberty HS (OH), #865 Overall, 6'4''/205, Not Rated: Dezse was known equally as a catcher entering the spring, and he had played mostly in that position entering the draft itself. As a result, he's fairly raw on the mound, and pretty much his only usable pro pitch right now is an above-average fastball, though he does have a breaking ball with some potential. With a large frame, he's a fairly desirable prospect, but he's so raw that college looks like the better decision for him, and I don't think he'll sign. DOB: 6/18/92. Commitment: Ohio State.
29. Stewart Ijames, OF, Louisville, #895 Overall, 6'1''/195, Seiler Rating 3C2: Yet another draft-eligible sophomore, the reason Ijames was a redshirt sophomore was that he missed 2009 with a torn rotator cuff in his throwing shoulder. He started off this spring well, but he faded a little, and that dropped his draft position when combined with his sophomore-eligible status. With plus power, he could be a nice offensive threat, but he's likely to return to school and become a top ten rounds bat next June as a 22 year old junior. DOB: 8/21/88.
30. Zach Nuding, RHP, Weatherford JC (TX), #925 Overall, 6'4''/250, Seiler Rating 3C2: Nuding was a big-bodied junior college sophomore that started at Weatherford, but he profiles best as a setup reliever. With a potential plus fastball and plus slider, his biggest problem is below-average command, and the reason he really dropped this far is that he declared that he really wanted to attend Texas Tech. I think he'll be an impact arm for them next year, and he could be a top five rounds arm in the 2011 draft after not signing this summer. DOB: 3/29/90. Commitment: Texas Tech.
31. Mike Gipson, RHP, Florida Atlantic, #955 Overall, 6'1''/195, Seiler Rating 3D6: GIpson was a short right-handed pitcher with three pitches in the range of average, which dropped him as expected. I still thought he'd go much higher than this due to a career year and a history of beating metal bats, so this is a potential bargain. I'm sure that he's going to be treated as an organizational arm, but I think he has #5 starter potential. He already signed as a junior, so I'm sure he got more than $1,000. DOB: 9/15/88. Signing bonus: Unknown.
32. Kramer Sneed, LHP, Barton (NC), #985 Overall, 6'3''/185, Not Rated: Sneed was a tall, skinny junior pitcher at a small college in North Carolina, and I thought he'd be a late-round pick if picked at all. He has fringy stuff and qualifies more as a reliever than starter, and an organizational reliever at that. He's pitching in the Coastal Plain League right now, and I don't think he'll be signing. DOB: 10/7/88.
33. Michael Hachadorian, RHP, San Diego Mesa JC (CA), #1015 Overall, 6'5''/215, Not Rated: Hachadorian was a junior college sophomore with great size and decent stuff, but he's the textbook example of how size and stuff doesn't necessarily equate with results. With an above-average fastball and an average breaking ball, you'd think he'd be a potential #4 starter, but below-average command drops him down, and I think he'll end up at San Diego State and a middle reliever in the long-term. DOB: 5/3/90. Commitment: San Diego State.
34. Keenan Kish, RHP, Germantown Academy (PA), #1045 Overall, 6'3''/185, Seiler Rating 3C1: Kish was a teammate with Red Sox pick Sean Coyle, and even though Coyle was a little bit better, Kish was a much better prospect than his draft position, as his signability dropped him more. He has the potential for an above-average fastball and a plus curveball, so I see him as a potential #3 starter, but we're not likely to see him in pro ball for another 3 years. DOB: 11/29/91. Commitment: Florida.
35. Will Oliver, RHP, Palomar JC (CA), #1075 Overall, 6'2''/185, Not Rated: Oliver was a late-round pick of the Rays out of high school in 2005, and he's bounced around ever since. I didn't have any up-to-date information on him, since he didn't even pitch competitively this spring. He sounds like an organizational arm from what I have heard, and he's already signed. He turns 23 in a couple weeks, so there's not much upside here. DOB: 7/4/87. Signing bonus: Unknown.
36. Nick McCoy, C, San Diego, #1105 Overall, 5'10''/180, Not Rated: McCoy was a 5th year senior with San Diego this spring, and even though he qualifies only as a potential organizational catcher, I have a memory of him hitting a home run off Stephen Strasburg last spring. That's at least something to hang his hat on. He already signed, but I don't expect him to reach the Major Leagues. DOB: 3/2/87. Signing bonus: Unknown.
37. Cameron Hobson, LHP, Dayton, #1135 Overall, 6'0''/190, Not Rated: Hobson was yet another draft-eligible sophomore than could have gone 20 rounds higher on talent, but his sophomore status dropped him. He only has an average fastball, and his average curveball isn't enough to think of him as anything other than a lefty specialist. His command is below-average, and I assume he'll go back to school. DOB: 4/10/89.
38. James Ramsay, OF, Brandon HS (FL), #1165 Overall, 6'0''/170, Not Rated: Ramsay was teammates with Boston draft pick Roderick Shoulders and Oakland draft pick Spencer Haynes, and he fit right in-between them for talent. A lefty/lefty player, he has some pop and some athleticism, but nothing that qualifies him as a potential starter in the Major Leagues. He probably won't be signing, instead heading for South Florida. DOB: 3/2/92. Commitment: South Florida.
39. Jaycob Brugman, OF, Desert Vista HS (AZ), #1195 Overall, 5'11''/170, Not Rated: Brugman was in my original Draft Notebook list, but he fell due to an unproductive senior year that showed his rawness with the bat. He has decent pop for his size, but his plus run tool is his calling card. He's unsignable in this range, but he's someone to watch at the top of a lineup for three years at BYU. DOB: 1/18/92. Commitment: BYU.
40. Mike Gerber, OF, Neuqua Valley HS (IL), #1225 Overall, 6'2''/175, Not Rated: Gerber was a solid player this spring in a cold-weather state, and while he rose up draft boards, he only got to the place where I thought he'd be a late-round pick. With some speed and some pop, he could be a decent player, but he's better off heading to school, as he won't even be 18 for another couple of weeks. DOB: 7/8/92. Commitment: Creighton.
41. Tym Pearson, OF, Columbia Basin JC (WA), #1255 Overall, 6'2''/205, Seiler Rating 5C1: Pearson was a late-round pick of the Rockies a year ago, when he was also a high school quarterback. He just played baseball this year, but with his only above-average tool being his arm, he doesn't look like a potential impact player. He's athletic and strong, but he's likely not going to sign. He could go 30 rounds higher next spring as a sophomore. DOB: 10/30/90.
42. Mike O'Neill, OF, Olentangy Liberty HS (OH), #1285 Overall, 6'0''/175, Not Rated: O'Neill was a teammate of Dezse this spring, and he was considered a far inferior prospect to his teammate. He was a solid recruit due to speed and effort, and I wouldn't be surprised if he scrapped his way into a top ten rounds position after 3 years at Michigan. DOB: 6/12/92. Commitment: Michigan.
43. Kyle Hunter, LHP, Kansas State, #1315 Overall, 6'3''/190, Not Rated: Hunter was a true sophomore this spring, making him a little different than the redshirt sophomores that the Yankees picked earlier. As such, with fringy stuff and a decent frame, he's likely to return to school in order to become a better pick as a junior. DOB: 6/18/89.
44. David Middendorf, LHP, Northern Kentucky, #1345 Overall, 6'3''/225, Seiler Rating 4D5: Middendorf really matured this spring at a small Kentucky school, but apparently that wasn't enough to get him drafted higher. With a solid frame, average fastball, and solid-average curveball, he looks like a potential #5 starter or middle reliever. He will likely return to school, and I'd follow him as a potential top fifteen rounds senior sign next June. DOB: 1/23/89.
45. Tyler Johnson, OF, Penn State, #1375 Overall, 6'0''/185, Not Rated: Tyler Johnson is better known as Heath Johnson, and I thought he would probably go undrafted this year as a junior, as he's a small college outfielder without any decent tools. He's unlikely to sign with a year of eligibility left, but he also probably won't go too much higher a year from now. DOB: 5/20/89.
46. Nathan Forer, RHP, Southern Illinois, #1405 Overall, 6'1''/172, Not Rated: Forer was a senior arm without much upside, as he's a reliever without any pitch that even rates as average, so this was a pick for organizational depth. I thought he might go higher, but he already signed and is underway. This is a decent pick, but nothing more. DOB: 6/6/88. Signing bonus: Unknown.
47. Freddy Lewis, LHP, Tennessee Wesleyan, #1435 Overall, 6'2''/210, Not Rated: Lewis was technically a junior arm, but at the age of 23, he's essentially the same as a 5th year senior. With fringy stuff like Forer, he's essentially a depth pick, though I predicted Lewis would go undrafted. He signed right away, and I don't expect him to last too long as a pro. DOB: 12/16/86. Signing bonus: Unknown.
48. Alex Brown, RHP, Amphitheater HS (AZ), #1465 Overall, 6'1''/175, Not Rated: Brown was an unknown to me, though not knowing a 48th round pick isn't really something too bad. I've since found out that he's a decent projectable arm, and he doesn't have a current commitment, though he's still not expected to sign. He sounds like a #5 starter to me. DOB: 10/8/91.
49. Will Arthur, OF, Abbotsford SS (BC), #1495 Overall, 6'2''/180, Not Rated: Arthur was a relative unknown from Canada, and I don't even have a college commitment for him. He's supposedly a solid hitter and an average athlete, but most of that is on projection than current production. I doubt he signs, but without a college commitment, that's an unknown. DOB: 4/4/92.
50. Matt Rice, C, Western Kentucky, #1525 Overall, 6'3''/190, Seiler Rating 4D5: Rice became Mr. Irrelevant when he was the last overall pick in the draft, but he's actually better than that, showing good contact skills and an ability to drive the ball. He was a junior this spring, but the reason he slid so far was that he could be a Rhodes Scholar for engineering. Interesting pick, but he won't sign. DOB: 5/8/89.


Now that you've read about the Yankees' 50 draft picks, he's why I gave them a Grade C+ for their draft class. To begin, where's the balance? Their first four picks were hitters, and while I have no problem with that if it's mixed well between positions and rawness, 3 of the 4 picks are incredibly raw. Add in a hitter that only has a single truly productive year, and I really look at this class like it's way too risky. In addition, with the questions over long-term positions for each of those 4 prospects, you can't even begin to know how this class might turn out, even with insider information. That sort of lack of balance means that I quickly graded them down for their balance grade, which limited the ceiling of their draft. As for talent, I really don't see a ton of talent in this class. There's a difference between high ceiling player and talented player, as while Culver, Gumbs, and Williams have good talent, they kind of lack the "wow" factor when it comes to their overall talent. None really profile as all star players, but rather good all-around players. There's a big difference there. We're talking about Yankee prospects, so I'm not saying they'll never be all stars, but they don't profile that way. As for execution, they also don't get graded highly, as Culver was a bit of a reach, and Gumbs was also taken at his draft ceiling, but they did alright getting a few potential bargains, depending on who they sign. I give them a C- for balance, a B- for talent, and a C+ for execution, depending on who they sign, giving them a total grade of a C+. This is just not a good class, and I don't see much of an impact for them in the long run.


What grade do you give the Yankees?