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Summer League Roundup - Week 1

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Instead of simply calling it a Cape Cod League roundup, I've decided to spread the love a little. Games on the Cape started on Monday, so there's not a lot of anything there to share, especially since there are still eight decent teams playing out their college seasons at some place called Omaha. A lot of players haven't reported yet, and Team USA trials don't even start for another few weeks.

However, that doesn't mean there's nothing to share, so follow the jump for some summer fun.

To start, I'm going to tell you that I'm focusing more on 2011 players than anything else with these roundups, as I like to keep it going one year at a time.

Now that it's established, let's start with some resources. Here are some good things to look at for your summer viewing:

-First, check out Pat Hickey's post on players on the Cape and with Team USA.

-Next, check out the full Team USA trials roster, which will tell you the main names to follow in general.

-To follow the Cape, check out the blog Right Field Fog, which offers a great daily roundup of action.

Those are three good places to get a start today, and I'll be offering two or three good links every week to catch up on.


Now, let's hit some early info coming out of the Cape and some other leagues.

-Notre Dame's Brian Dupra put together an impressive outing on Tuesday for Hyannis on the Cape, throwing 5 shutout innings allowing only a pair of hits and a walk, while striking out 7. Dupra's always been a little on the disappointing side, but with four average or better pitches, he'll hopefully get better. Those who know him know that he's not a 2011 name, but a 2010 one, hoping to build on an 11th round selection by the Tigers last week. He could earn himself some money with a good summer, either being paid now or next June as a solid senior sign.

-While Dupra's outing was impressive, the outing of the week so far easily goes to Georgia Tech's Mark Pope, a 2011 name that could sneak into the back end of the first round next June. Pitching for Falmouth on the Cape, he threw 7 shutout innings on Tuesday, as well, scattering just a pair of singles and a single walk, striking out 11 in the process. Pope kicked Brandon Cumpton out of a weekend rotation spot late in the year and pitched very, very well, and I think he's the front-runner for Tech's Friday job next spring over Jed Bradley. He has a solid-average 90-92 mph fastball most of the time, but he has an above-average to plus slider and a quality changeup, so it looks like he's starting to break out a bit. If these outings continue, he could be next year's Chris Sale, building himself into a top prospect on the back of a great summer on the Cape. He's not on the Team USA trials roster, so he'll be on the Cape all summer unless something happens.

-Just for an update on a couple bigger names on the Cape right now, Stanford's Brett Mooneyham went on Tuesday and threw 5 decent innings, allowing a run on 3 hits and 3 walks, striking out 7. The issue isn't the stuff with Mooneyham, it's the control, so I'd like to see him chip away at the walks as the summer goes along. He has first round stuff, but third round control, so he's in trouble if he doesn't take a few strides forward. He's tuning up for the Team USA trials now. Arguably the best bat on the Cape right now is fellow Pac 10 player Ricky Oropesa from USC. He's gone 4-for-14 so far, hitting a double and homer in the process, but he's not controlling the strike zone enough right now, though 3 games is way too small of a sample to draw conclusions. He's an interesting bat to follow when you include his pop, so be on the lookout.


That's all I have for right now, but if I get a chance, I'll provide more info on the other leagues this weekend.

Feel free to leave comments about the goings-on of the summer.