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Draft Review - Detroit Tigers

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The first up in a series of draft reviews is the Detroit Tigers and their scouting director David Chadd.

Follow the jump for a pick-by-pick analysis. The number before a pick is the round in which the player was drafted, and the overall pick number is denoted, as well.

1s. Nick Castellanos, 3B, Archbishop McCarthy HS (FL), #44 Overall, 6'4''/195, Seiler Rating 1B2: Castellanos was a true first round talent that began to fall when his price tag was considered too high. One of the best pure hitters in the entire class, he also features plus power potential and enough athleticism to hold down third base. This was a great find, and I expect negotiations to go down to the wire on August 16, where he'll sign for something in the neighborhood of $3 million. Read his full here. DOB: 3/4/92. Commitment: Miami.
1s. Chance Ruffin, RHP, Texas, #48 Overall, 6'0''/185, Seiler Rating 1C4: Ruffin transitioned from starting to relieving this year, and that turned him into one of the nation's top closers almost overnight. With setup man stuff and a more well-rounded arsenal than a typical reliever, he could be transitioned back to starting, but that would put him into the area of a #4/5 starter than a quality reliever. I like this pick for the safety in it if he's a reliever, and I expect he'll sign fairly quickly since Texas' season is done. Read his full profile here. DOB: 9/8/88.
2. Drew Smyly, LHP, Arkansas, #68 Overall, 6'3''/190, Seiler Rating 1C3: Smyly was squarely in my top 100 at #94 overall, and I'm a fan of the stuff he has to offer. He has four average or better pitches, with an above-average slider being his best pitch. He throws in above-average to plus command, making him a solid future #4 starter. He's an eligible sophomore due to missing time as a true freshman in 2008 with a stress fracture in his elbow, but he should sign for something close to slot. He might hold out longer than expected, but I think he'll sign well before the deadline day. DOB: 6/13/89.
3. Rob Brantly, C, UC Riverside, #100 Overall, 6'3''/190, Seiler Rating 1B1: Brantly is another draft-eligible sophomore, and he has one of the highest offensive ceilings of the catchers in the 2010 class. He's a great pure hitter, and even though he's still raw behind the plate, I can see him becoming an all star catcher with adequate time in the minors, which will be more than a typical collegiate pick. He's a true sophomore, so he might want a little more to sign, but he's not a risk of going back to school. DOB: 7/14/89.
4. Cole Green, RHP, Texas, #133 Overall, 6'1''/210, Seiler Rating 2D8: Green has been as successful as any other Texas pitchers over the course of his career, and even though he's less naturally blessed with a big arm than well-known rotation mates Taylor Jungmann and Brandon Workman, he's got enough stuff to profile as a good #5 starter at the Major League level. He's a bulldog, and I like his chances to become a solid pro pitcher. He'll sign quickly since Texas' season is done. DOB: 5/4/89.
5. Alex Burgos, LHP, Manatee JC (FL), #163 Overall, 5'11''/170, Seiler Rating 2C2: As you can tell by his height and weight, Burgos isn't a big guy, but he throws multiple pitches for strikes, including an above-average curveball and an above-average changeup. He really jumped onto the prospect scene this year, having big success, and this is a solid pick in the range I expected him to go. He's a potential #4 starter, and I expect him to sign rather quickly. DOB: 12/1/90. Commitment: Florida Southern.
6. Bryan Holaday, C, TCU, #193 Overall, 6'0''/205, Seiler Rating 3D7: Holaday is undoubtedly the best senior catcher in the 2010 class, and that's due to a breakout year with the bat. He's been undrafted multiple times in the past, but his bat came on, and he profiles as an excellent backup catcher. This is in the range I expected him to go, though on the early side, but it's a solid pick for someone who should sign for senior money once TCU's season is done after the College World Series. DOB: 11/19/87.
7. Corey Jones, 2B, Cal State Fullerton, #223 Overall, 6'0''/190, Not Rated: Jones has been known as the other partner in the double play combo with #4 overall pick Christian Colon, and I didn't see him as an early pick himself, since he's a 22 year old redshirt junior. He can hit pretty well, but he's not a great defender, and I see him as a bench bat long-term. He played in the Northwoods League last year with fellow Tiger picks Drew Smyly and Rob Brantly, so I think there's a strong link there. He should sign quickly, as Fullerton's season ended at the hands of UCLA over the weekend. DOB: 9/14/87.
8. Patrick Leyland, C, Bishop Canevin HS (PA), #253 Overall, 6'2''/198, Not Rated: Leyland was on my radar more as a future college catcher, as his current skills are at a very low level for pro ball. He profiles as a backup catcher that doesn't do anything well enough to start, but isn't horrible at anything, and the Tigers took him way earlier than expected due to his father, the manager Jim Leyland. I expect him to sign, as he might not have gotten picked this high after three years at Maryland. DOB: 10/11/91. Commitment: Maryland.
9. Tony Plagman, 1B, Georgia Tech, #283 Overall, 6'2''/215, Not Rated: I watched Plagman play all year, and this was significantly higher than I expected to see him go. A senior first baseman, he has some power to work with, but he's not a great fielder and his swing is long, so I see him more as an organizational bat than true prospect. He should sign quickly, though, and he's been productive, so I could be wrong. DOB: 8/14/87.
10. Cole Nelson, LHP, Auburn, #313 Overall, 6'7''/233, Seiler Rating 3D6: Nelson was on my short list for a sleeper arm this year, having transferred to Auburn from Des Moines Area CC. He's a really big guy, and he has decent stuff, but his command falters, and he had a really rough stretch as the season came to a close. With a decent fastball and a good curveball, he projects more as a reliever than starter, but I can see him becoming a #5 starter with time. He doesn't turn 21 for almost another month, and I think this is a quality pick at this spot, as he's expected to sign without a major hitch. DOB: 7/14/89.
11. Brian Dupra, RHP, Notre Dame, #343 Overall, 6'3''/198, Seiler Rating 2C2: Dupra was almost an early round pick in the 2007 draft, and he struggled through three years at Notre Dame due to a poorly-commanded fastball and metal bats. I like this pick quite a bit, as his pure stuff and size makes him a potential #4 starter, but he fell this far due to a lack of a successful track record. He's expected to sign, as another bad year could tank his stock even more. DOB: 12/15/88.

12. Kyle Ryan, LHP, Auburndale HS (FL), #373 Overall, 6'5''/180, Not Rated: Ryan is a pure projection pick, and I had him pegged for college, as his current stuff is almost all below-average. He has a nice curveball, but I would have liked to see him fill out at USF. He projects as a #4 starter in the long run, but he'll need a long-term development program. I'm told he has signed, but I haven't seen any official news yet. DOB: 9/25/91. Commitment: South Florida.
13. P.J. Polk, OF, Tennessee, #403 Overall, 5'9''/170, Seiler Rating 3D5:
Polk's best tool is his speed, and with his offensive improvement this year, I see him as a potential fourth outfielder at the Major League level in a relatively short period of time. He's a small guy, and he doesn't pack a big punch with his bat, but he's a solid pick, as I expected him to go a few rounds earlier. He's already signed, and I expect he'll spend the summer with the new short-season affiliate of the Tigers in Connecticut. DOB: 12/12/88.
14. Patrick Cooper, RHP, Bradley, #433 Overall, 6'3''/204, Seiler Rating 4C2: Cooper was a teammate of Cole Nelson at Des Moines Area CC last year, and they were both late-round picks. Seeing a connection? Though he had some experience as a starter this spring, a big summer on the Cape in relief last year and a late-season move to the bullpen this year pretty much sealed his fate. I see him as a solid seventh inning bullpen arm, and I like this pick for value, as I saw him going a few rounds earlier. He was pitching in the Jayhawk League, but he's now off the roster and is signing. DOB: 8/25/89.
15. Collin Kuhn, OF, Arkansas, #463 Overall, 6'0''/190, Not Rated: Another draft-eligible sophomore, he's also another smaller outfielder in the P.J. Polk mold. He's a plus runner with more pop than Polk, but he's less refined and also profiles as a reserve outfielder. I thought he'd go much lower due to his sophomore status and lack of refinement, but he had a productive season, so I'm not overly surprised. His signability is a wild card, and Arkansas was only eliminated over the weekend, so we'll see what happens. I'd guess he goes back to school, but that's purely a guess. DOB: 11/27/88.
16. Jordan Pratt, RHP, Arkansas, #493 Overall, 6'3''/215, Not Rated: A relief arm, Pratt was new to Arkansas this spring, having transferred in from small Arkansas-Fort Smith JC. He got good results with largely average stuff this year, and that's due to decent fastball command. He's still expected to be a middle relief arm at best at the next level, and I thought he'd drop somewhere in the organizational arm range from the 20th round on, but this isn't an overdraft. It's a decent pick, and I think he signs. DOB: 9/25/89.
17. Drew Gagnier, RHP, Oregon, #523 Overall, 6'4''/225, Seiler Rating 4D5: Gagnier was drafted three rounds higher by the A's a year ago, and the consensus is that he's maxed out in most respects. A pure reliever, he lives off a solid-average fastball and a better cutter, so he should be able to be a possible seventh inning arm in his prime. However, he needs to keep the ball down, and his mixed success in college means he could bust relatively early. I thought he'd go in the same area he went last year, so this is a nice find, and I expect he'll sign. DOB: 9/21/88.
18. Hosh Ashenbrenner, 2B, Lewis-Clark State, #553 Overall, 6'0''/190, Not Rated: Ashenbrenner played a year as a reserve at Washington State, and he was off my radar a bit as a senior infielder from an NAIA school. He put together a decent career under the radar, and he profiles as an organizational infielder, but there's enough juice in his bat to surprise some people. He'll be signing right away and reporting to short-season ball. DOB: 8/29/87.
19. Jeff Rowland, OF, Georgia Tech, #583 Overall, 5'10''/185, Not Rated: As with Plagman, I watched Rowland play all season long, and the two things he does really well are run and track down a ball in center field. Everything else is below-average, making him a fifth outfielder at best. He swings and misses way too much to be in a Major League lineup, and at 22, he's pretty much done filling out. This is about where I expected he might become targeted, and he should be an easy sign. DOB: 4/1/88.
20. Tyler White, RHP, Alabama, #613 Overall, 6'3''/205, Seiler Rating 4D4: Another draft-eligible sophomore, White has middle reliever written all over him, though he has struggled to throw strikes during his entire college career. He redshirted due to that problem in 2008, and without resolving it, he'll be done in the lower minors. However, his arm is good enough to like, as he has a solid-average fastball and slider, so I'd like to think there's something in there to find. He should be a tough sign, and I'd put the odds against him becoming a pro this summer. DOB: 8/8/89.
21. James Meador, 1B, San Diego, #643 Overall, 6'0''/200, Not Rated: Meador is a pure hitter without any other tools, but he's been the definition of productive on a good college team. While his lack of tools makes him a potential organizational bat, his experience as a senior and aggressive approach could land him a bench job in his prime. He fractured his hand late in the season, so I wonder if that affects the physical part of his potential contract, though the Tigers knew about the injury beforehand. He should sign quickly unless the injury gets in the way. DOB: 12/9/87.
22. Jake Hernandez, C, Los Osos HS (CA), #673 Overall, 6'1''/210, Seiler Rating 2C1: Hernandez was a potential early pick this year due to outstanding defensive tools, and he had just enough offensive juice to believe that he could be a starting catcher in the long run, though one who is known for his defense more than offense. However, he dropped from a potential 4th-6th round slot to this slot due to lingering questions about his bat and his signability. I expect him to go to USC, where he could be an early pick in the 2013 draft. DOB: 6/5/92. Commitment: USC.
23. Dominic Ficociello, SS, Fullerton Union HS (CA), #703 Overall, 6'2''/165, Seiler Rating 1C2: Like Hernandez, Ficociello fell from a possible early round draft slot to this slot, though this drop was due more to his asking price than any major flaw. He profiles as a third baseman with plus power potential and good hitting potential, and his arm is above-average, as well. I don't expect him to sign, and he could be a first round pick in 2013. DOB: 4/10/92. Commitment: Arkansas.
24. Tyler Clark, RHP, Missouri, #733 Overall, 6'2''/185, Seiler Rating 3C2: I'm trying to figure out why Clark dropped, as my reports have him as a potential setup man with an above-average fastball and solid-average curveball. He was moved into the rotation late in the year, which was not successful, and that might have dropped him a bit late. As a junior, he's not going to be an easy sign, and I'd put odds on him returning to school for his senior year. DOB: 1/4/89.
25. Shawn Teufel, LHP, Liberty, #763 Overall, 6'3''/215, Seiler Rating 5D3: Teufel was one of the last-minute survivor of cuts in the MLB Draft Notebook, and that was due to his plus changeup that I think could fit as a lefty in a Major League bullpen. He won't be much more than a shuttle reliever during his peak years, and he turns 24 next month, but he's new enough to pitching that he could improve, as he was a full-time hitter up until a year ago. He'll sign right away and should be pitching in short-season right away. DOB: 7/16/86.
26. Jeff Ferrell, RHP, Pitt CC (NC), #793 Overall, 6'3''/185, Not Rated: Ferrell was a raw upside arm out of high school a year ago, and he started to mature this spring, boosting his velocity and sharpening his slider. However, as a Juco freshman with more room to grow in terms of command and velocity, I thought he'd be a late-round follow. This is a solid pick, and he signed on Sunday, but I don't see a whole lot of immediate upside, so there's a lot of luck involved in developing him for the future. DOB: 11/23/90.
27. Les Smith, OF, Meramec CC (MO), #823 Overall, 6'1''/190, Seiler Rating 3D7: Smith is a toolsy junior college player with some upside with the bat, and I expected him to go much earlier if signable. I see him as a potential fourth outfielder that could slide in as a starter at some point, but in general, his tools, including an above-average hit tool, fit best off the bench. I don't expect him to sign, but there are some rumblings that it could happen. DOB: 12/24/89. Commitment: Ole Miss.
28. Jack Duffey, LHP, Heritage HS (GA), #853 Overall, 6'2''/190, Not Rated: Duffey gained notoriety first as a teammate of now-Yankee Tyler Austin, but he earned his due with a Player of the Year award as a junior pitcher with Heritage. His stuff isn't top-notch, and he profiles best as a #5 starter, but he has a good feel for pitching that should make him successful in the long run. I don't expect him to sign, but he's going to junior college, so he'll shown back up next year with a good campaign. DOB: 4/18/92. Commitment: Gulf Coast CC (FL).
29. Chris Joyce, LHP, Central Arizona CC, #883 Overall, 6'0''/195, Seiler Rating 2C2: I expected Joyce to go much higher, as even though he's technically a freshman, he's a freshman that had to sit out a year for academic problems at UC Santa Barbara in 2009. He features a slightly above-average fastball at times, and he combines it with a plus slider, so he could be a nice #4 starter with time. Apparently he wants to return for his sophomore year at Central Arizona, so he dropped this far, and I don't expect him to sign, as he's now pitching in the California Collegiate League. DOB: 12/25/89.
30. Logan Hoch, LHP, Wichita State, #913 Overall, 6'2''/185, Not Rated: Hoch is a lefty reliever that is already 23 due to missing his true senior year last year with shoulder surgery. He pitched well in relief this year, though, and even though he still profiles as an organizational reliever, he's not a pure soft-tossing lefty. He could reach the bigs as a lefty specialist, but the odds are against that. He should be signing shortly and will report to short-season ball. DOB: 5/5/87.
31. Matt Little, RHP, Kentucky, #943 Overall, 5'11''/180, Seiler Rating 4D5: As with Joyce, I expected Little to go much earlier as a potential middle relief arm with some deceptiveness. He only has an average fastball, but an above-average slider makes him a possible Major League arm. His size is his big detractor, but even though he fell pretty far, there's not a lot of incentive for him to return to school, as he's already 22 years old as a junior. DOB: 3/19/88.
32. Clay Jones, 1B, Alabama, #973 Overall, 6'3''/220, Not Rated: Jones is a solid senior bat that doesn't have a lot of pro upside. A right-handed hitter, he was productive offensively for the Crimson Tide this spring, but he swings and misses a lot with a long swing, and he profiles as an organizational bat in the long run. He's expected to sign quickly, as Alabama's season ended over the weekend. DOB: 11/11/87.
33. Brennan Smith, RHP, Bowling Green, #1003 Overall, 6'3''/200, Seiler Rating 4D5: Smith had a bit of a meltdown from his sophomore to junior seasons, going from MAC pitcher of the year to a mess. He lost control of all his pitches, including a plus splitter, and his draft stock dropped despite good pro size and decent #5 starter stuff. I expect him to return to school for his senior year, and if he regains his control, he could be one of the first senior arms taken next year. DOB: 8/4/89.
34. Nolan Sanburn, OF, Kokomo HS (IN), #1033 Overall, 6'0''/175, Not Rated: If you haven't picked up on an Arkansas connection yet, you need to pay closer attention. Sanburn is the second Arkansas recruit taken, along with Ficociello, and they also took a pair of current Arkansas players. Sanburn was seen as more of a right-handed arm than outfielder, but he could turn out to be better with the bat than expected, though I think he's more of a solid college player than true prospect. DOB: 7/21/91. Commitment: Arkansas.
35. Cody Hall, RHP, Southern, #1063 Overall, 6'4''/230, Not Rated: Hall is another big arm that they took that is in the mold of a middle reliever, but with a year of eligibility left, I would also put odds on him returning to school. He's really raw and has trouble throwing strikes at times, and the only usable pro pitch he has is a solid-average to above-average fastball. He could surprise me and sign. DOB: 1/6/88.
36. Ryan Soares, SS, George Mason, #1093 Overall, 6'1''/195, Not Rated: Soares began his career at South Florida and transferred in to George Mason as a sophomore, and after two mediocre years there, he exploded offensively as a senior by simply putting the bat on the ball. He has plus contact skills, but as with most college seniors, he's limited in most other tools. He projects as an organizational infielder, and he will be signing soon. DOB: 7/10/87.
37. Carlos Lopez, 1B, Cal State Fullerton, #1123 Overall, 6'1''/210, Not Rated: Lopez is one of those rare draft-eligible freshmen, having come out of high school in 2008, then redshirted a year ago in recovery from knee surgery. He's done a respectable job at first base for the Titans this year, but he didn't show enough for an early pick, and he fell due to his status as a freshman-eligible. He'll return to school for his sophomore year. DOB: 7/16/89.
38. Jake Dziubczynski, LHP, Central Arizona JC, #1153 Overall, 6'0''/180, Not Rated: Dziubczynski was teammates with Joyce at Central Arizona, but he's less naturally talented than his teammate. With his smaller stature and lack of plus stuff, he profiles more as a #5 starter at best, and he's currently pitching in the Alaska League. As a freshman, he'll likely return to Central Arizona for his sophomore year. DOB: 1/28/91.
39. Bo McClendon, OF, Valparaiso, #1183 Overall, 5'10''/215, Not Rated: Son of former Major League player and manager Lloyd McClendon, this McClendon doesn't have the tools to be a pro player, and he was actually only a part-time player for his entire four year career at Valpo. This was obviously a kind gesture towards his dad, and he should be signing on to become an organizational piece. DOB: 10/4/87.
40. Pete Miller, SS, Trinity International (IL), #1213 Overall, 5'11''/200, Not Rated: Miller played third base for Trinity this year, and he's put together a nice four year career for the small school in Illinois. There's not a lot to say about Miller, as I never heard he was toolsy enough to even be drafted, so I assume he's just an organizational depth piece. As a 23 year old in this slot, I can't expect much more, and he should sign quickly. DOB: 3/10/87.
41. Matt Perry, 3B, Holy Cross, #1243 Overall, 6'2''/182, Not Rated: Bring on the Matthew Perry jokes. Perry is a left-handed hitting third baseman who was on my radar, but only as a late-round pick. He put together an incredible senior year, and he comes from a baseball family, so he should be a nice organizational depth piece for as long as they need him, as he's signing right away. DOB: 7/17/87.
42. Kevin Grant, OF, Millard West HS (NE), #1273 Overall, 6'0''/175, Not Rated: Grant was a surprise pick for me. I had him on an early season list of mine as a possible follow, but when he never committed to a college and I didn't hear a thing about him, I assumed he lost his prospect status. However, he was drafted, and even though his tools are more organizational depth tools, he might sign. He still hasn't committed to a college, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him try out pro ball for a little while. DOB: 10/17/91. Commitment: None.
43. Blake Bell, RHP, Bishop Carroll Catholic HS (KS), #1303 Overall, 6'5''/212, Not Rated: Bell is an interesting pick, as he's been away from baseball for a couple years. Instead, he's been focusing solely on football, and hes done so well for himself that he's been recruited as a quarterback to play at Oklahoma, which means he's no joke. He was picked based purely on his arm, and while he won't be signing, I find the pick intriguing. DOB: 8/7/91. Commitment: Oklahoma.
44. Ricky Knapp, RHP, Port Charlotte HS (FL), #1333 Overall, 6'0''/185, Not Rated: As you can probably tell by the name, this is the son of pitching coach Rick Knapp. Knapp is a solid arm, but without much upside, he's not much of a high school prospect. Instead, I expect him to emerge as a possible top seven rounds prospect in 2013, when his above-average command will be more appreciated. DOB: 5/20/92. Commitment: Florida Gulf Coast.
45. Jake Morton, C, Hudsonville HS (MI), #1363 Overall, 6'2''/175, Not Rated: I had Morton as a follow as an outfielder, but I was made aware of the fact of his transition to catcher very late in the spring. I bumped him up a little, but I still thought he'd go undrafted. Luckily, the nearby Tigers called his name, and he'll be a name to follow in terms of development over the next three years. He won't be signing. DOB: 4/3/92. Commitment: Oakland.
46. Ben Verlander, RHP, Goochland HS (VA), #1393 Overall, 6'3''/170, Not Rated: Guess who this pick is related to. Like his famous brother, Ben is a tall, skinny right-hander that isn't highly desired by most teams out of high school, though he doesn't profile to explode like his brother in college, though he's also slated to pitch at Old Dominion. Go ahead and keep tabs on him, but don't expect him to go nuts and throw 100 mph. DOB: 1/31/92. Commitment: Old Dominion.
47. Chris Triplett, SS, Sandy Creek HS (GA), #1423 Overall, 5'10''/180, Seiler Rating 4D4: I saw Triplett a few times over the last year, and he strikes me as the type of player that would make a great utility player. He's a high makeup kid with aptitude to play multiple places on the diamond. He needs a lot of polish with his glove, and his bat doesn't profile to be a starter's, but he's the type of kid that works hard and should become something in three years. DOB: 5/12/92. Commitment: Georgia Tech.
48. Tyler Marincov, OF, Timber Creek HS (FL), #1453 Overall, 6'2''/190, Not Rated: Like Bell, Marincov was a high school quarterback, but he wasn't nearly as good at it. He's a generally toolsy outfielder, but I don't believe he has quite enough tools to become much more than a reserve outfielder. He's not committed to a notable baseball program, so he could easily disappear in most circles. DOB: 10/20/91. Commitment: North Florida.
49. Tyson Kendrick, C, Tabor (KS), #1483 Overall, 6'1''/195, Not Rated: A senior catcher from a very small school in Kansas, Kendrick was likely picked up for organizational depth in the short-season leagues this summer. Better with the bat than the glove, none of his tools rate out as Major League caliber, so he's best signing quickly to soak in the pro experience. DOB: 2/8/88.
50. Jake Ross, LHP, Wor-Wic CC (MD), #1513 Overall, 6'8''/190, Not Rated: There must be something about not playing and getting drafted, as Ross hasn't pitched competitively in over a year. His huge size comes in handy, but missing an entire year in a non-baseball state isn't helpful. He's pitching American Legion ball this summer, but there's a solid chance he signs, as he doesn't have a significant baseball option outside of signing this summer. DOB: 11/30/91.


Now that we've profiled all 51 players, let's go into the grading. I ended up giving the Tigers a Grade B-, mainly because I wasn't big on many of their early second day picks. While Castellanos was a potential steal, Ruffin didn't offer enough upside for me to relax on a lot of their second day selections. The early picks of the second day were solid, and I think they'll get Major Leaguers out of the first five selections if everything works out, but Brantly is the only one who really profiles to be anything close to an impact player at the Major League level. They shot for lower ceiling guys for the rest of the early part of that day, and that's quite a disappointment from a team that gave out three seven-figure deals last year, including a big Major League contract to Jacob Turner. I think the spending will be significantly down this year, and Castellanos is going to represent their only significant expenditure. I particuarly dislike the run of Jones-Leyland-Plagman in the 7th-9th round range, and while that range typically isn't a big deal, that's the difference between a B team and a B- team for me, as those picks seem like picks they mailed in to free up budget room. None profile as Major League bats, and all have significant issues hampering their development. They added a few potential bullpen and fourth/fifth outfield bats throughout, and I'm all for that, but the number of Major League players in this draft is just too low to get a good grade. This is a below-average draft class. They did balance things out fairly well for the most part, hitting the college, junior college, and high school levels, but they did lean towards the college level overall. That's not a bad idea, and I'm definitely in favor of filling in with signable arms and bats from the tenth round range onward. However, since they didn't pile it on with talent early, the number of organizational pieces they added aren't going to be too helpful in making Major League players or trading for better talent, so I'm just not a fan of this draft.

What grades do you give the Tigers?