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Florida Marlins Draft Review

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Second team from the NL East, the Florida Marlins

 Florida Marlins Draft Review
1) Christian Yelich, OF-1B, California HS: One of the best pure hitters in the draft class, but doesn't have the power of a typical first baseman. Runs well, but arm is below average for the outfield. He looks more like a second rounder to me, and I think this was an overdraft.

2) Rob Rasmussen, LHP, UCLA: Smallish at 5-11, but not a finesse pitcher, works in the low-90s with a plus curveball and a decent slider and changeup. Some project him as a reliever, but I think he can be a fine number three starter

3) J.T. Realmuto, SS, Oklahoma HS: Good athlete, strong hitting record in high school though some scouts aren't sure his hitting mechanics will work against pro pitching. Might end up at third base. Has an Oklahoma State scholarship, but should be signable in this round.

4) Andrew Toles, OF, Georgia HS: Very fast, makes contact, should be a good fielder, but power is below average and many scouts aren't sure he will hit against better pitching. Has a University of Tennessee commitment but should be signable here. Strikes me as an overdraft.

5) Robert Morey, RHP, University of Virginia: A bit small for a right-hander at 6-1, but can get into the mid-90s on good days and has a sharp slider. Will most likely be a reliever at higher levels.

6) Rett Varner, RHP, UT-Arlington: Very good arm, can hit 95 MPH on his best days, breaking stuff needs work but he pitched well in a college environment that favored hitting.

7) Mark Canha, OF-1B, University of California: Although he doesn't have any one terrific tool, he doesn't have a below average one, either, being solid across-the-board.

8) Alan Oaks, RHP, University of Michigan: Former outfielder converted to full time pitching this year, showed good fastball/slider/changeup combination on his best days, but was erratic. This is understandable given his lack of mound experience. Could be a very nice pick here.

9) Austin Brice, RHP, North Carolina HS: Good fastball in the low 90s and physically projectable, but breaking stuff and command need work.

10) Aaron Senne, 1B, University of Missouri: Rebounded after a poor junior year to revive his prospect status, showed greatly improved power this year and has some pure hitting skills. Throws well and can play outfield if you don't mind below average range. Nice value selection.

FOUR OTHERS OF NOTE: 16-Randy LeBlanc, RHP, Louisiana HS; 17-Zach Neal, RHP, University of Oklahoma; 19-Dallas Poulk, INF, North Carolina State University; 20-Alfredo Lopez, SS, Compton CC.

COMMENT: Although I like Yelich as a player, I didn't see him as a first round pick and he doesn't really fill an organization need. Obviously they buy into his bat more than I do. I like Rasmussen a lot, and Varner, Canha, Oaks, and Senne are all decent-though-unspectacular picks. Although there are some guys I like here, I'm kind of "meh" about this group overall. Much rides on if the high school guys can reach their upsides.