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I'm probably putting out an updated mock draft tomorrow morning, and the last one will be on draft day next Monday.

In the meantime, here are a few more notes for you to think about:

-One player whose tools I'm liking is South Doyle HS (TN) third baseman Matt Kirkland. He's a textbook example of a player you really want to watch in college, because they could explode into a first round draft pick. He's committed to Tennessee, and he'll be draft-eligible again after just two years if he doesn't sign this summer, and I've given him a 3C1 grade in the meantime.

-I'm having an incredibly difficult time pinning down Kevin Jacob. He's come back throwing hard once again, after having missed a couple months due to shoulder issues from weightlifting, but his velocity was down at the beginning of the spring and he brought on the Boras Corporation as his advisers over the offseason, so I don't have any idea where he's going. He has true closer potential, as he's been sitting in the mid-90s the last couple weeks, but I had to give him a 3B1, because I think he'll be a potential 7th or 8th round pick.

-There are a ton of potential relief arms in this draft, and I continue to come across them. One of my favorite ones is Aaron Kurcz from CC of Southern Nevada. An Air Force transfer, I think he has the potential to be a quality setup man at the next level. I gave him a 2C3 grade, and I think he'll be a potential slot bargain. He has an Oral Roberts commitment, but he's expected to be signable.

-Pat Hickey wrote about Oregon's Justin LaTempa when he discussed college seniors on Friday, and I have a couple things to add. From what I'm told, LaTempa has gone down from major shoulder issues no less than 4 times over the last five-plus years, and it's a miracle he hasn't needed major shoulder surgery. However, his upside is huge for a fifth-year senior, as I have at 92-94 with a plus slider and average changeup. I gave him a 2C1 grade, as I'm cautious with injuries like that, but he's a name to watch if your team picks him up next Tuesday.