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Order Your Draft Notebook Now

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One of the things that all scouting departments are running against right now is the fact that there aren't enough hours in the day to get every bit of information perfect and discussed. We're about to enter the sacred draft meeting period, where teams really starting aligning their boards, and I'm in the process of doing the exact same thing.

The main problem for me is that I do it pretty much by myself. That doesn't mean that I do all the scouting, because I don't. It means that when it comes to sifting through reports and writing a profile, that's all me. Luckily, I planned ahead for all of this, writing a lot of preliminary reports that simply need tweaking to get to their final form. However, when you're looking at 775 players across the country, roughly half come from below the radar to get considered in those top 25 rounds. That makes it hard on my end, but I'm persevering at the moment.

This is all to say that the 2010 MLB Draft Notebook Top 100 is off for editing as I'm typing this, and it will be available in all its final glory to all those who pre-order before Saturday at noon. It will be delivered to those who have already pre-ordered starting tomorrow, and when you order, you'll receive it on a rolling basis. In case you're wondering what the Top 100 is, it's the collection of profiles from the 2010 MLB Draft Notebook for the top 100 players as defined by me as of yesterday. I'm releasing the list of those players in order tomorrow, and each profile is roughly 250-300 words of biographical and scouting information. Stats are included for four and two year college players, and each player has received a Seiler Rating. I'm a conservative grader, as the draft is harsh to those who place high hopes on high picks.

If you want those 100 profiles, just go to the left sidebar on the main page, and click on the PayPal logo to secure your copy for $9.99. If you only want the top 100 profiles anyway, consider the extra 675 you'll get next weekend to be a bonus. I'm easily past the 100 mark for the final profiles, but I wanted to offer something special to those who pre-ordered the Draft Notebook while they wait for the rest of the profiles to come out. Just so you know, these 100 profiles make up 62 pages of text, so if you do the math, you're looking at roughly 500 pages when all is said and done, including the team draft previews. It's worth the money, and I promise I will only sleep two hours a night for the rest of the week to ensure it's done.

Have a great Sunday and enjoy the final week before the 2010 MLB Draft.