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Things I've Realized: Report Writing

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In case you didn't know, I'm deep into writing reports for the 2010 MLB Draft Notebook, and things are going well. I'm starting to pick up speed, and I'm actually really enjoying it, though I'm only getting a few hours of sleep a night. However, it's worth it, and I hope you guys will love the end result.

For now, I just wanted to give a few notes on things that I've realized as I've stepped back to get the big picture on players. No jump necessary, as I'll keep it right here for you.

-Sam Dyson, while intriguing as a high-level college arm, simply frightens me. Having looked at his injury history, I can understand the apprehension of scouts more now. His history includes labrum surgery on his throwing shoulder, labrum surgery on his non-throwing shoulder, ulnar transposition surgery (look it up), and removing bone chips from his elbow last August. If you're not concerned, you should be.

-One arm that I find interesting is Michigan's Tyler Burgoon. I don't know why, but I see him as a quick mover through the minors, and he could be one of the most productive relievers from this class. Call it a hunch, but he could be better than expected, despite his small frame. Add Oklahoma's Ryan Duke to Burgoon, though I like Burgoon more.

-Injuries are playing a really big part this spring. It just seems like more than normal, though I'm pretty sure it's not. Looking at just a short list, players in the Notebook such as Brett Bochy, Casey Mulholland, Case Nixon, Taylor Ard, Tommy Collier, David Rollins, and Garin Cecchini have all dealt with major injuries this spring, and this is just a short list. A big question is how this affects their draft positions.

-This draft in particular is more vulnerable to the late-season pop-up prospect, as things are just so fluid and not defined, even late in the draft season. Who those players are is yet to be determined, but players such as Aaron Shipman could benefit greatly from a lack of college positional talent with workouts in the next week and a half.