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Sound Off: SP or RP?

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Between now and draft day, I'm going to run a few of these informal polls where you will decide what the player profiles best as. Today, we'll be starting with the pitchers.

There are several pitchers in this year's draft that may be starting now, but may get to the majors quicker as a reliever or other various reasons. On the other hand, there is a solid crop of college relievers that will almost undoubtedly get a chance to start in pro ball. 

In a few days, we will continue the Sound Off series with two-way players.

Follow the jump to see the list and tell me what you think.

Chris Sale, lhp, Florida Gulf Coast

Jesse Hahn, rhp, Virginia Tech

Matt Harvey, rhp, North Carolina

Barret Loux, rhp, Texas A&M

Chad Bettis, rhp, Texas Tech

Chance Ruffin, rhp, Texas

Stetson Allie, rhp, St. Edward HS (Ohio)

DeAndre Smelter, rhp, Tatnall Square Academy (Ga.)

Asher Wojchiechowski, rhp, The Citadel