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Draft Notebook College Commitments, Part Two

It's time for the second part on college commitments of the players in the 2010 MLB Draft Notebook, so follow the jump to learn more about the elite classes and which prospects are likely to land on campus.

Yordy Cabrera, SS/RHP, Lakeland HS (FL)
D.K. Carey, OF, Wheeler HS (GA)
Nick Castellanos, 3B, Archbishop McCarthy HS (FL)
A.J. Cole, RHP, Oviedo HS (FL)
Luke Jackson, RHP, Calvary Christian HS (FL)
Shane Rowland, C, Tampa Catholic HS (FL)
Javier Salas, RHP, Christopher Columbus HS (FL)
Julian Santos, OF, Killian HS (FL)
Christian Yelich, 1B, Westlake HS (CA)

It should be pretty obvious that this is an elite class. However, don't expect a lot to land on campus. I expect Cabrera, Castellanos, Cole, Jackson, and Yelich as pretty much gone, and Carey's right behind them. I think Salas, Rowland, and Santos are quite likely to be Hurricanes this fall, though, which would make this a pretty good class. However, it wouldn't look so elite as it does on paper here.

NC State
Peter Bako, C, Connors State JC (OK)
J.R. Bradley, RHP, Nitro HS (WV)
Jay Gause, RHP, West Brunswick HS (NC)
Marcus Knecht, OF, Connors State JC (OK)
Sean Nolin, LHP, San Jacinto JC (TX)

Though three of the five here are junior college prospects, this has the chance to be a top 20 class after a solid recruiting class a year ago. The great thing for Wolfpack fans is that they stand a good chance of getting the majority of these guys on the team in the fall. Knecht is the only one I see as a surefire early round pick. Bradley's rising late this spring, and he might get a good enough offer to be persuaded to play pro ball, but that would still leave them with three solid players. Nolin might leave, too, but I'll put the odds in the favor of NC State, with Bako and Gause quite likely to be on the team in August.

North Carolina
Stetson Allie, RHP/3B, St. Edward HS (OH)
Jake Cole, RHP, Sahuaro HS (AZ)
Sean Coyle, SS, Germantown Academy (PA)
Kent Emmanuel, LHP, Woodstock HS (GA)
Ty Linton, OF, Charlotte Christian HS (NC)
Connor Narron, SS, Charles B. Aycock HS (NC)
Matt Roberts, C, Graham HS (NC)
Andrew Smith, RHP, Roswell HS (GA)
Jordan Tabakman, RHP, Pequannock HS (NJ)

As usual, North Carolina's class spans over state borders, and though only Allie represents truly elite talent, this is a very strong class. I'd consider Allie and Smith as the ones that are almost surely gone, and Roberts could join that group. I think they definitely get Tabakman and Emmanuel in Tar Heel Blue, with Linton and Narron the big wild cards. Coyle is pretty much 50/50, as is Cole, though neither profile as game-changers at the next level in college. Both are solid prospects, though, so it should be interesting to see where they get drafted and which direction they choose.

Jonathan Gray, RHP, Chandler HS (OK)
Daniel Meeley, OF, Connors State JC (OK)
Dillon Overton, LHP, Weatherford HS (OK)
Connor Sadzeck, RHP, Lake Central HS (IL)
Clay Schrader, RHP, San Jacinto JC (TX)
Cayle Shambaugh, OF/LHP, Jay HS (OK)
Burch Smith, RHP, Howard JC (TX)

This is a very intriguing class with a ton of valuable arms. Though they won't get them all on campus, this class could have the best recruiting class for pitching if everything turns out well in August. I think they'll almost certainly get Sadzeck and Shambaugh, with a good chance for Gray, Meeley, and Schrader. Overton is a rising left-handed pitcher in a class short on left-handed pitchers, so he could easily move up higher than expected into an easily signable range. Smith is likely gone, but this is still an excellent class for arms.

Oklahoma State
Blake Barnes, RHP, Howard JC (TX)
Ryan Christenson, LHP, South Mountain JC (AZ)
Trey Griffin, OF, Martin Luther King HS (GA)
Tyler Hanks, RHP, CC of Southern Nevada
Chris Marlowe, RHP, Navarro JC (TX)

A class based heavily on junior college transfers surprisingly didn't land a single top in-state Connors State recruit. Griffin obviously has the highest upside of the bunch, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him on campus at all. However, there are indications he'll be signable, so we'll see. Hanks and Marlowe are likely gone, but Barnes and Christenson should be impact pitchers for the Cowboys next spring. This is a class that should contribute immediately, so it should receive some attention.


More to come tomorrow with Ole Miss, Oregon, Oregon State, Rice, and San Diego. Some classes just hoard.