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Draft Day Schedule

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It's 20 days until the draft, and I've set my schedule for draft day.

First of all, just to get the basics of the draft out of the way, the first day of the draft is Monday, June 7, and the actual drafting starts at 7 pm eastern. MLB Network is going to be broadcast the draft that evening, and their coverage will start an hour earlier with a sort of pre-game show.

The first evening will include the first 50 picks, which covers the 32 true first round picks and the 18 supplemental first round picks in this year's order. In a rare occurrence, every single team will have a pick that evening. I suspect that's why they chose that as the cutoff this year. There will be 5 minutes between the first round picks and a single minute for the supplemental first round picks.

As part of the coverage here, I'll be hosting a live chat during the entire event, likely starting around 5:30 eastern, a half hour before MLB Network's coverage begins. Though I'm glad that Jim Callis of Baseball America and Jonathan Mayo of will be guests for the festivities on MLB Network, the other characters are easily enough for me to watch on mute, and if you're familiar with the draft at all, I'm sure you'll feel the same. The odds of those analysts knowing anything about even the first 10-12 picks is low, and you'll hear a lot of "he's just a gamer" coming out of mouths, so if you hate listening to Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN, then you will hate their coverage of the draft.

Even though the evening is the finale of the lead-up to the draft, I'm going to have a lot of other things going on here during the morning and night, too. Here's the schedule of when I plan to post things:

7 am: Final Top 300 Prospects
12 noon: Notes on Last-Minute News
5 pm: Final Mock Draft, 1st and Supplemental 1st Rounds
5:30 pm: Chat Room Opens, will answer questions
10 pm/Draft Conclusion: Posts of all 2010 MLB Draft Notebook Profiles for First Day Picks
12 midnight: Ranking of Top Undrafted Players for Day Two, notes on where they might go

That's a lot of things that I'm sure you'll be interested in seeing. The free profiles on those top 50 players should be fun, so that alone will make it worth it.

I hope you'll join us here at MLB Bonus Baby on draft day, and we'll work hard to make this the best place to be on June 7-9.