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Minor League Ball Community Mock Draft

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For those that aren't aware, John Sickels over at Minor League Ball does a community mock draft each year on the weekend before the draft. Community members volunteer to be a scouting director of a team, and then we all get together and draft. It's a fun exercise. As of last night there were still two teams open, too, so if you want to be the Reds' or Phillies' scouting director, head over here and volunteer in the comments section.

I took the Mariners this year, and I mainly took them so that we could use this community to come up with how we want to draft. The community mock draft goes for three rounds, and the Mariners own picks 43, 67, and 99.

So, as the community of draft fans, what do you want to do with the picks? Looking at a certain position or signing bonus range? Want to see who falls and pick the BPA?

Game plan it for me, and I'll draft for you on June 5.