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Draft Notebook Fun Stats

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I'm up to 707 names for the 2010 MLB Draft Notebook, and I seem to be adding more and more every single day, which is a good thing.

Here's some fun facts about the 707 players I have so far:

-There are 82 junior college players, 375 four year college players, 248 high school players, and 2 Indy players (Paxton and now Eliopoulos)

-Of the junior college, four year college, and Indy players, there are 74 seniors, 256 juniors, 109 sophomores, and 21 freshmen

-The state with the most prospects is California, with 99, followed by Florida (75), Texas (71), and Georgia (42). Typical big 3 + Georgia bias

-There are 6 Smiths, 4 Thompsons (plus a Thomason and a Thomson), 4 Williams', 5 Wilsons, 4 Davis', 4 Greens, and 6 Jones'. Don't forget the Goodnight.

-The shortest players are 5'8'' and the tallest are 6'8''. The lightest is 155 pounds and the heaviest is 260. Kind of strange.

-The oldest player will be 25 the day after the draft ends. Who am I talking about?

-The youngest player won't be 18 until December

-There are four players that are younger than Bryce Harper; 2 are Canadian

-There will be 775 reasons to buy this product before draft day

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